Jericho City of Praise Update: Board fighting Joel Peebles Return

Clarence thomas, Denise Killen, Betty Peebles, Dr. Michael Freeman, Joel Peebls, the church lady
Clarence thomas, Denise Killen, Betty Peebles, Dr. Michael Freeman, Joel Peebls, the church lady

Jericho City of Praise Trustee Board fighting Joel Peebles return home to the mega church (SMH)

Jericho city of Praise Board is fighting tooth and nails to allow Pastor Joel Peebles back in a leadership position at mega church, Jericho City of Praise.

On Thursday September 20, 2012 the Maryland Court of Special reversed a lower court decision, which gave a summary judgment to the Six Self-Appointed Rogue employees/members.

Allegedly, these six church members/employees were given control over the church board of trustees with that decision. The court reviewed evidence that confirmed that Pastor Joel R. Peebles has in fact been a member of the Board of Trustees since 1997.

The court also found merit in Chairman William Meadows assertion that his resignation from the Trustee Board of Jericho City of Praise was suspicious and probably will be disallowed because there was never a board meeting with proper notice given to the sitting board members.

The Court of Appeals struck down the original decision entered in the first trial by Judge Dwight Jackson. Of course the Board of Jericho City of Praise is fighting tooth and nail.

Here is  Jericho City of Praise Trustee Board’s official statement of the Ruling:

” Yesterday, the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland affirmed the decisions of the Circuit Court on two of the three issues it considered, and in favor of the Board of Trustees of Jericho Baptist Church Ministries (the “Church”). We look forward to resolving the one issue that has been sent back to the Circuit Court for resolution, which we anticipate will again support the conclusions of Judge Jackson’s earlier ruling.

Two members of Jericho’s board initially referred all questions about the court ruling to a statement in the weekly church bulletin.

“The Court of Special Appeals decision does not change the current status quo. The current leadership of Jericho remains and the church will continue to serve its members and provide vital services to the community,” wrote Erika E. Cole, a lawyer and spokeswoman for the church.

But board member Denise Killen decided to speak briefly outside the 10,000-seat sanctuary in Landover on Sunday, although fellow member Clarence Jackson urged her not to.

“This is not about one man,” she said, referring to Peebles, 42, whom she has known since he was a child. Killen has said in the past that the board’s job is to carry out the wishes of Apostle Betty Peebles, who died in October 2010.

Killen, who was a close aide to Betty Peebles, added that Joel Peebles was never named as pastor.

Here is the official statement from City of Praise Minister Bobby Henry, Esq. Regarding Appellate Court Decision:

LANDOVER, MD – On Thursday, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals reversed a lower court decision, negating a summary judgment that gave six church employees control over the church board of trustees. In no uncertain terms, the appellate court decision means that the summary judgment giving the questionable board authority is no longer in effect and Pastor Joel Peebles is able to resume his duties.

On Sunday, September 23, we will hold services at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. Currently, Pastor Peebles is making plans with his ministry teams to return to the Landover campus in an orderly fashion.

Pastor Joel Peebles, Chairman William Meadows, the many church members who were excommunicated and the thousands of church members who left to support Pastor Peebles now have the freedom to return to the church home that they helped to build with their tithes and offerings.

I was among the church members who received a letter from the purported board terminating my membership. I have served in ministry at the City of Praise for over 23 years and count the Appellate Court decision a great blessing.

During the time that we have been displaced, Pastor Peebles and Chairman Meadows have demonstrated outstanding leadership. Our church has continued to do the work of the Lord ministering to the greater Washington, D.C. community.

· We are supporting families battling cancer, through a Cancer Won’t Win Program.

· We are serving the needs of the community through a 5,000 Hour Volunteer Challenge.

· We are saluting academic excellence with academic scholarships to our youth.

The life of our church is vibrant and our future is bright. We are humbled and excited to return to the Landover campus and continue our work. This is a tremendous day for our community and the thousands of displaced congregants who have been faithfully waiting to return to their spiritual home, which was built by the grace of God and with their tithes and offerings.

The Washington Post reported that Joel Peebles preached to a packed house on Sunday, September 23rd, telling the more than1,500 persons in attendance that he plans to return in decency and in order.  “We are NOT going to do to them, what they did to Us!”

Again, I say to Jericho City of Praise Trustee Board, let it go and let God!