Joel Peebles & City of Praise planning a Return Home

Update July 8, 2015

DC Superior Court rules in Bishop Joel Peebles favor, he is to be reinstated to the board of trustees at Jericho City of Praise!!!

City of Praise claiming VICTORY!

Just when we thought Pastor Joel Peebles and the City of Praise were getting settled in their new church home(s) I am learning that they are not quite finished with the unfinished business of re-claiming their  Jericho City of Praise property located in Landover Maryland.

Joel Peebles and members of Jericho City of Praise

Pastor Joel Peebles is not only busy preparing for the church’s 50th Anniversary celebration starting August 31, 2014, they are also claiming victory ahead of the courts decision on the legalities surrounding the Board ousting of Pastor Joel Peebles as its Senior Pastor, a ruling in his favor would allow Pastor Joel Peebles and an alleged 98% of the original congregation to return home.  I have written several articles on this issue and encourage you to check the archives to get caught up or by clicking on the links I have included in this article.

Most recently, I  posted a few months ago that Jericho City of Praise had selected  Jasmine Sculark  (love her WORD-she can PREACH-Chile!) as their pastor elect, however, Pastor Joel Peebles and the alleged 98% of the original congregation who followed him are holding to their faith that they will soon return to their original home.


Currently, there are four (4) cases pending which upon the resolution of any will allow the City of Praise Family Ministries members to reoccupy their Landover campus.

  •  There has not been any final determination or ruling in any of these cases.
  •  The Court of Special appeals in the State of Maryland ruling stated it must be determined if Bishop Joel R. Peebles was given notice of an alleged board meeting by the employees.
  • No higher Court with more authority has made a final ruling on any matter to date.

The four (4) cases are listed below:
DKC14CV0497 Renee Franklin v. Clarence Jackson et al.
Filed in the United States District Court, for the District of Maryland Southern Division on
February 20, 2014

DC CASE 2013 CA 007115 Robert George, et al. V. Clarence Jackson et al.
Filed in the Distict of Columbia Superior Court on October 15, 2013

  •  The case has finished its discovery phase and is headed towards trial in the late fall.

ARTICLES CASE CAL 12-13537 Roderick Chavez et al. V. Jericho Baptist Church Ministries, inc. Et al.
Filed in the Circuit Court of Maryland for Prince Georges County on April 18, 2012

  • This case is on appeal to the Court of Special Appeals in Maryland.

CAL 10 33647 Jericho Baptist Ministries, inc. V. Peebles et al.
Filed in the Circuit Court of Maryland for Prince Georges County on October 18, 2010

  •  The current status of this lawsuit is awaiting trial based on the order from the Court of Special Appeals, which ordered that a determination must be made as to whether Bishop Joel R. Peebles was on the Board of Trustees in 2009.

What is the City Of Praise Family Ministries response to plans at Jericho Baptist Church to install a new pastor?

“The City of Praise Family Ministries is currently making preparations to return home to its Landover (Jericho) campus. We are extremely confident that when the upcoming court preceding in the district and other jurisdictions are concluded, they will prove that the board of trustees, which has been in place for over 40 years under Bishop James & Apostle Betty Peebles and now Bishop Joel & Pastor Ylawnda Peebles, is the true board.

The employees who asserted themselves, during the prolonged season of illness of Apostle Betty Peebles, is unauthorized and illegal. At this point there is no final court order that gives the employees governing control, therefore any actions these employees take will inevitably be deemed void. The more than twelve thousand members who have been improperly excommunicated and displaced from our home campus are excited about our imminent return and will march back in the spirit of love and humility honoring Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.”



  •  The case is in its final discovery phase and is headed towards trial.


• 1964 – Reverend James R. Peebles, Sr.; his wife, Betty Peebles; their sons, James Peebles Jr. and Johnny Peebles; Aunt Lucy Lane; and Deacon Anne F. Wesley
organized a small Baptist Mission founded in the basement of the Odd Fellows Hall in Washington, D. C. The six-member mission, initially under the late Apostle A. H. S. Johnson –Rehoboth Baptist Church, was the birth of the Jericho Baptist Church.

• 1967 – Reverend James R. Peebles is now Pastor of Jericho Baptist Church. He begins a series of expansions, due to the need for space.

• 1968 – Jericho Baptist Church ministries builds small church seating approximately fifty people.

• 1969 – First church building completed and occupied.

• 1976 – The lot adjacent to the church is donated to the ministry.

• 1977- The second expansion occurs with a church seating approximately 800

• 1970’s – Children joined church in large numbers (many are leaders in church

• 1980’s – Pastor James R. Peebles Sr. is now Bishop. Co-Pastor Betty P. Peebles is now Pastor. James R. Peebles Jr. is now Assistant Pastor.

• 1987 – The third expansion occurs as additional land is bought due to the need for more space.

• 1989 – The third expansion is consummated with a church seating approximately 2000 people.

• 1995 – The fourth expansion occurs as additional land is bought due to the need for more space. Eighty-two acres are purchased.

• 1996 – Bishop James R. Peebles Sr. passes away.

• 1997-The fourth expansion is consummated with a church campus in Landover  Maryland that includes a 10,000 seat sanctuary; a 400 seat chapel; an

administration building; parking for thousands of cars; a college building; and a school with daycare.

• 1998 -The fifth expansion occurs as 20 additional acres of land are purchased with two homes.

• 2000 – Pastor Betty Peebles is now Apostle of Jericho Baptist Church. Pastor Joel R.  Peebles is now Co- Pastor of the Jericho Baptist Church. Co-Pastor Joel R. Peebles is chief advisor to Apostle Betty Peebles.

• 2000 – The sixth expansion occurs as an additional twenty-four acres of land are purchased.

• 2002 – The seventh expansion occurs as an additional fifteen-acre parcel with twenty-four warehouse stalls and approximately 150 offices are purchased.

• 2007 – The eighth expansion occurs as land is bought for the senior citizens complex.

• 2008- Name of church is City of Praise.

• 2009 – Adult senior citizens complex is complete with more than 270 units and achieved 98% occupancy rate.

• 2010 – Apostle Betty Peebles passes away.

• 2010 – Pastor Joel R. Peebles is now Senior Pastor. He is sued immediately after the passing of Betty P. Peebles by a rogue faction claiming he is not the pastor of the
church or a board member. Other claims include that neither Elder Meadows nor Deacon Anne F. Wesley are board members. Elder Meadows is also sued.

2012-2014 – Pastor Joel R. Peebles and Co-Pastor Ylawnda Peebles along with 98%
of the congregation leave the Landover campus.

Allegedly, between June 2013 and January 2014 less than 100 people attend services at the Landover campus. Meanwhile, during this same time period, the City of Praise with thousands of members adopts  the City of Praise Family Ministries name and begins holding services at hotels, schools, parks, stadiums and arenas. In addition, various church members and  leaders have filed lawsuits to oppose the faction, which ousted the Pastor and seized the assets.

The City of Praise Family Ministries is predicting victory in the legal battle over the  multi-million dollar church property in Landover, Maryland, which includes a 10,000 seat sanctuary, a church school, senior citizens complex, a business center, and a lucrative agreement providing parking for Washington Redskins home games.

When , where and how will the City Of Praise Family Ministries celebrate its 50Th Anniversary?

“The City of Praise Family Ministries will kick-off a three month long celebration beginning with a special worship service on August 31,  2014 at 10AM, at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, which is one of our satellite locations. At that time, a special video presentation entitled, “Victory is Imminent: We are Preparing to retun home” will be presented.  In addition, on that same day at 6PM EST, a special broadcast of the history of city of Praise Family Ministries will air on the Word Network.”

Jericho city of Priase-Joel-Peebles


Those residing in the DMV area are encouraged to attend and if you are not in the area, make sure you check out the Word Network at 6 PM EST on August 31, 2014.