Church Lady’s Take on Jay Z Solange video

Jay Z Solange  gone wild video, The Church Lady’s take on it:

It appears there is a huge family fued brewing in the Knowles-Carter Camp with Solange going All-In (ebonics) on Jay Z. Chile there are all kinds of rumors going around but the one I believe may be on point is the fact that Jay Z called his wife out of her name and her little sister jumped in.

Now this is all rumors, but allegedly JayZ called his wife a B—h and Solange was not having it.  Radar Online reported that

Now don’t ask me why Beyonce being as private as she normally is about her family life would take to instagram and post this:

“Help me to choose friends wisely so I won’t be led astray,” it continued. “Give me discernment and strength to separate myself from anyone who is not a good influence. I release my relationships to You and pray that Your will be done in each one of them.”

Cause that only got social media talking even more, insinuating  that Bey was dissing her sister:

User @gonetillovo wrote,

“No family is perfect. Remember that Bey. And blood is thicker than water. I knoe [sic] u love jay, but soalnge is ur blood so learn how to forgive her for whatever happened.”

Then allegedly, Solange took down all of her pictures from instagram with her sister with the exception of one.

Now here is my take on all of this mess:

We all have family drama, including big stars, and I know for a fact that I myself have gotten my siblings significant others straight a few times in my life, so I get exactly where Solange was coming from.

I know everybody loves Jay Z and I love him too, but let’s be real, no woman is going to jump off like that  unless you said or did something so disrespectful, she could not let it pass.

Further, notice Beyoncé’ reaction did she look like she was too worried about her sister so call attacking her husband?  It looks a lot to me like Beyoncé is giving Jay Z  a look saying, “Yea you brought the right one to the party  this time buddy, Set it off Solange”  (LoL)

Was Solange right to do what she did, no, but hey fighting is never the right thing to do, so my question is not who was right or wrong, my question is knowing the why has a lot to do with justifying a persons reactions.

Let’s take for instance  the fight with Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha was dead wrong,  but, Kenya surely provoked that chile so  Kenya  had that coming to her.  (IJS)

Let’s not be so quick to condemn Solange nor Jay Z. clearly this blow out had been stewing for some time.  Now I got to give Jay Z his props.  He handled her like a real man and did not beat her down like he could have,  but boy oh boy I am sure Solange is going to regret the day she ever kicked that brother.

The Church Lady’s Take on the Jay Z Solange Video is that family will be family and where there is family  surely drama is close by.

One thing is for sure, blood is always thicker than water and at the end of the day it is your family who always has your back, even when they are a pain in your a_s.