Jamal Bryant’s First Sermon at New Birth, “Bite-Me!”

Jamal Bryant first sermon at New Birth, follows his past practices at Empowerment Temple, Catchy sermon topics, flamboyance, and charisma.  

On Sunday, December 9, 2018, Jamal  was welcomed by Government officials, fraternities, friends and family members in a packed sanctuary. Bryant,  told the congregation that their new pastor who had been leading the 10,000-member Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, didn’t come to New Birth because he “needed a job.”

He also took the time  to honor Bishop Eddie Long’s widow, Vanessa, as “the First Lady” as well as his children, including Bishop Long’s eldest child. Elder Edward Long who publicly declared that Bryant was not his choice.

“I’m a third generation preacher’s kid. So I know what it’s like to live in a fish bowl, to be undervalued and to be underappreciated. But in this place, we honor and respect and we love the children of Bishop Long and thank God for them. Would you join me in thanking God for the Long family? They are our Royal family,” Bryant said.

He further noted, “New Birth is a resilient people. No matter what pit they try to throw us in, God always throws us a trampoline for us to be able to bounce back.”

But just days before Jamal Bryant officially took the helm of New Birth, he was forced to dismiss a claim from an Ohio businesswoman that she is pregnant with his child.

“Bryant doesn’t know who this person is and has no current ties, no past relationship of any sort, nor any form of past history with this person. Regrettably, this is the unstable behavior of a social media stalker,” a spokesman for Jamal Bryant said in a statement to V-103 Atlanta late Thursday.

The woman, Tenola Oliver, 43, who says she is a domestic abuse survivor, first made the claim in a letter to The Christian Post last month. She repeated the claim on Thursday night in an Instagram post from V-103 Atlanta.

It’s a shame that even before Jamal enters into the pulpit at New Birth, a possible scandal, follows and that may be why, Jamal Bryant preached the sermon he preached on Sunday, check it out above.