Jamal Bryant: Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Remarks

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Kim Kardashian Baby Bump causing quite a Stir!

The Christian Post posted an interesting article surrounding all the buzz about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy, what effect if any it may have on young women, posing the question  “Does Success give us a pass on  God’s word?”

Though the Christian Post posed the question to a couple pastors, one pastor  in particular remarks stood out for me, Dr. Jamal H. Bryant, pastor of Empowerment Temple Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Bryant released a statement noting:

[quote]”Societies celebration of the Kardashian pregnancy to Kanye West while still married to someone else says to America’s girls, if you are an entertainer ethics are elastic and Christian convictions are convenient.”[/quote]

Now let me first say that I agree with Dr. Bryant 100% and I am proud that he stepped up to the plate to address this issue.

Yet, it is no surprise, as Dr. Jamal Bryant has first hand experience at dealing effects of being a role model/celebrity figure  that sinned and had to learn that role models ethics are not elastic and Christian convictions are definitely not convenient.

For those of you who are not familiar with Dr. Jamal Bryant’s journey,  he and his family endured great pain in 2008 when it was discovered that he was involved in an affair and alleged that he had fathered a child with a minor.

While the latter was never proven,  Dr. Bryant did admit candidly that he had in fact had an affair that eventually led to the divorce of his wife Gisselle.

Dr. Bryant, though it took him a little while to step up,  did speak publicly about  the accusations, infidelities and eventual divorce  in Sister2 Sister magazine in 2010 and later.

While some on the street committee are arguing that  Dr. Jamal Bryant  has no right to speak on the Kim Kardashian, Kanye Baby  subject, cause it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.  I would argue that he does.  For Dr. Jamal Bryant  knows first hand what it is like to have so many people look up to you, then, if you should happen to  fall from God’s  grace, mock and even attempt to destroy you because of your success status.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Dr. Jamal Bryant are human like you and I and although they have reached  certain level of success in life, they do not get a pass.  In fact, I believe when they fall, they fall harder than you and I because of their celebrity status.

Let’s look at Dr. Bryant’s case.  several years after his scandal, we are still talking about his infidelity and allegations of children out-of-wedlock.  His family’s life was not only torn up by the affair itself, but also by the nationwide press the story received and countless blogs who covered it.

With all the great things Dr. Bryant has been able to accomplish since 2008, if you Google his name today, the scandal still stares you front  and center on the front page, heck it’s even part of his Wikipedia history.

Now if you or I had the same scandal sure, we would be ridiculed, judged and chastised by members and  our inner circle,  but, thank God for the pass we get from nationwide press. Chile I’d rather have the family and street committee talking bout me any day than have the World chatting, blogging and making you-tube videos of my mess.

My take on the question of Does Success get a pass is “Heck No,” Celebrities and Successful people are  are like you and I Chile, they got to be judged by the same God you and I are judged by, but their is a difference, with all their money and fame,  when they  come up on the rough sides of their mountains, the whole world will know about it literally!


Source: The Christian Post

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