Jamal Bryant slams Black Preachers

Reverend Dr. Jamal Bryant blasted the 100 black pastors who met with Donald Trump considering endorsing him.  Dr. Bryant read Pastor James Davis who did attend the meeting and all but gave Donald Trump his endorsement.  He even tried to slam Dr. Jamal Bryant for alledgedly calling the black preachers who attended the meeting pawns and prostitutes.

But Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant slammed back saying:

“I want to apologize, because prostitutes get money. And the 100 that went in there walked away with nothing, they did it for free,” he said. “There’s another word for that, and I would not use that language on a family channel.

“What I would suggest is that you couldn’t find 100 white pastors to do the endorsement, not 100 rabbis, not 100 imams,” Bryant added. “But you can find, whenever it is that there’s poverty, wherever there’s poverty, you can always find a capitalist who will always exploit poor people who are privileged just to be in the room.”

Davis fired back mentioning that Bryant was on Trump’s spinoff show of “The Apprentice” called “The Ultimate Merger.”

“I’m wondering when you were cashing Donald Trump’s check was he the devil or did he evolve to become the devil in 2015?” Davis asked with no answer from Bryant.

Davis said that black people have never done worse than they are currently doing under the Obama administration.

“Anytime you go to listen to someone other than the normal Democrat rhetoric that we’re fed, here comes the minions to chase after us to say ‘get back on the plantation,’” he said.

Check out the entire interview above.