Jamal Bryant Baby Update: Is the AME Church throwing Empowerment Temple Under the Bus

Pastor Jamal Bryant did finally break his silence with regard to allegedly fathering a child and refusing to consistently pay child support by offering the following on a recent periscope post:

“My legal counsel says I cannot go through any depth talking about it but there is nothing that can stop me from talking to God. When there is something to be said you will hear it directly from me, you will not have to look for a secondary source,” 

Meanwhile, CP posted a very interesting article on its blog  revealing they  had attempted on several occasions to reach out the AME church to receive a comment regarding the Jamal Bryant Baby scandal.  Now my interpretation from reading their  article is that the AME church appears to be throwing Jamal Bryant’s  local congregation, Empowerment Temple under the bus as far as taking any disciplinary action. 

Allegedly, Billie Irving, executive assistant to AME’s General Secretary Jeffery Cooper, told The Christian Post that if Odom is having a problem with child support, then the court can give her more help than the church. and allegedly Christian post interviewed a source who asked not to be named for this report told CP that the church would not respond due to a number of reasons.

“Let me assure you that the AME Church will not respond for a variety of reasons. First, Bishop William Deveaux Sr. is retiring in July at the General Conference and will not ruffle anyone’s feathers as he exits.

“Second, the presiding elder is too scared to make a decision on Bryant. He will say that this is above his authority and they must wait to see who will be the new bishop and let him or her decide. Third, Jamal started Empowerment Temple and the church has too many members and sends too much money to the General Conference to remove him,” the source claimed.

According to Irving, if Bryant’s congregation is not interested in disciplining him for his actions she doesn’t see Bryant facing a trial.

“If his church is not asking for him to be removed I don’t know that Bishop Deveaux, I don’t know if there is anything — I’m not saying there is not — I don’t know that there is anything in the law of the Church that says he has to be moved. And since she [Odom] is not a member of his church … I don’t know that the church members would be asking for him to be moved because of this outside affair with the pastor,” said Irving.

According to Jeffrey Cooper, chief information officer and general secretary for the AME, if no one from the church formally comes forward with a complaint against Bryant, the church can decidde not to take any action against him.

This, he said, was the reason why even after a scandalous affair that ruined his marriage in 2008, Bryant did not face a trial and was able to continue as the spiritual leader of the congregation.

“He was not subjected to a church process by way of anyone charging him with any particular crime and therefore there was no process that began with him or to end with him. There is nothing the church has investigated because the church was never presented with any claims against him by anyone,” Cooper said.”

Now why in the world would the AME Church place this kind of burden on a local congregation,  I am just baffled by this, they can come in and transfer the Pastors at any time but they can’t have a say on a matter such as this. (smh) pass the buck, Preacher and while you at, go ahead and throw the Stewards and members of Empowerment Temple under the bus why don’t you!

You can read the entire article here

PS: now make sure you come back and post your comments telling me if you think the AME Church is trying to skirt away from the issue and put the burden on Empowerment Temple causing further drama in the church.

Source: Christian Post