Jamal Bryant: 1 Million Voter Registration Campaign Riding a Slippery Slope with IRS


"Jamal Bryant"

Looks like in Rev. Jamal Bryant may be in some trouble with his 1 million black voters registration campaign, Empowerment Movement.  Christian Post is reporting that Rev. Bryant appears to be favoring one party over the other. I am surprised to read this because Rev. Jamal Bryant worked for NAACP for years and I believe with voter registration during his tenure there, so I  find it hard to believe this story, as I am sure by now, Rev. Jamal Bryant  knows the rules of the  game when it comes to politics and church.

Pastors be very careful when you mix politics with the church, they could just come after your 501-c3.  Know the rules to the game before you step up to the plate.   What you do for one party you must be willing to do for the other!

By Paul Stanley , Christian Post Reporter

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“The number one thing we are doing is going after registering 1 million voters in this fall’s election,” said Bryant, who pastors a church in Baltimore, Md., in a video for News One. “This is going to be a critical election when you deal with foreclosure, bankruptcy and healthcare. Our president has an agenda but he needs some help.”

Rob Boston, who is a senior policy analyst with Americans United for Separation of Church and State, says pastors need to be careful how they encourage their members to engage in politics because of IRS regulations on nonprofits, which is the status of most churches. If the church advocates a particular candidate, the IRS could rule that the organization is political and thus not eligible as a charity to enjoy tax-exempt status and tax-deductible donations. Donors to a nonprofit church can deduct contributions as a charitable donation.

“There is nothing wrong with a church or any other organization encouraging people to exercise their right to vote,” Boston told The Christian Post. “The IRS has been clear as long as churches encourage people to vote on a non-partisan basis they are on safe legal ground.”

But when Boston was informed of Bryant’s quote that mentioned President Obama, he expressed some concern that the Baltimore pastor was close to overstepping his legal boundaries.

“I’m not familiar with this particular movement, but if he or any other pastor were to mention President Obama or any specific candidate by name and say people needed to register to vote or cast their vote for them they would be violating IRS rules.”


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