Jada Pinkett Smith: Will and I are Fine, Not sure where Rumors came From???

Jada Pinkett Smith: Will and I are Fine, Not sure where Rumors came From???

photo courtesy of Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty

People.com is reporting that Jada Pinkett is tired of everybody going around proclaiming her marriage is dead and wants to set the rumors straight. “They are Fine!”

Well it’s about time you said something Sugar. I am so glad to hear that the family is fine, yall look pretty good too  from the photo above.  All except for Willow’s hair, Jada, what in the world are you doing letting Willow do that to herself.

I am all for free flowing spirits, but somethings you just got to put your foot down on Chile, and her hair is one of them.  How in the world is she going sing Whip my hair now?

CLB Family please add the Smith family to your prayer list and Please Pleeeze go the altar on Sunday and say a special prayer for Willow and that head of hers.


By: BY TIM NUDD|People.com

Why us? That’s what Jada Pinkett Smith has been wondering, after she and husbandWill Smith became the latest star couple to be subject to rumors of marital strife.

Asked why the speculation won’t go away, she tells French magazine Gala: “I have no idea! Every year, one celebrity couple is under the microscope. This year, unluckily, it’s us! I almost want to say that we should have been expecting it.”

She adds: “Will and I know the truth. We’re waiting peacefully for the storm to blow over.”

Jada, 40, acknowledges that she and Will, 43, spend lots of time apart. But it’s always been that way, she adds.

“These rumors are completely untrue,” she says. “I travel a lot because of my work, just like Will does. … But our lifestyle hasn’t changed. Before we had the kids, we were already far away from each other quite often because of separate projects.”

Asked about the rumor that they no longer live under the same roof, she replies: “That’s ridiculous. We’ve always lived together.”

Things aren’t about to slow down, either. Will is currently filming the M. Night Shyamalan movie After Earth with Jaden, 13. And this summer, Jada will be hitting the road with Willow, 11, who is going on tour as a singer.

“As a mom, I’m very proud to see them pursuing the things they love,” says Jada. “We leave them enough space to express themselves and make their dreams come true. We leave them free to make their own choices. We try not to live through them.”