Jackie Robinson “42” Movie Coming Soon (trailer)

"Jackie Robinson 42 poster"


With the MLB World Series right around the corner its only appropriate that MLB would release the official trailer for the movie “42”, the story of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American MLB player.

“42” chronicles Jackie Robinson’s struggles as he came into the league and eventually became an world wide icon.

The film “42” stars Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson and Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey the famous baseball executive who had the guts to break the color barrier and sign the first Africa American baseball player to the Major Leagues. He would later draft Hispanic superstar, Roberto Clemente too, paving the way for South American baseball players to play in the majors. He was a fine man who was inducted into the hall of fame in 1967

Basically, “42” portrays the tough times of the late 40′s when Jackie Robinson got his break in the big league.

He was chastised by many in the black community for not fighting back and for allowing himself to be embarrassed and ridiculed in many stadiums and turning the other cheek.

As a result of that discipline, Harrison Fords Branch Rickey choose Jackie Robinson for the big league, not only for his talent, but for his temperament, and for having the guts to turn the other cheek — it’s a hard thing to do, and a lesser man would have retaliated and that would have feed into the narrative of undisciplined black men and set blacks in baseball back for another 10 years.

“42” will reveal that Jackie Robinson was not only a pioneer, he was also one of the greatest 2B ever to play the game. By the way did you know that Jackie Robinson is the only player whose number is retired by the entire MLB.

WB set an official release date of April 12, 2013 for Jackie Robinson biopic “42”.

Here’s the trailer: