Martin Luther King Jr.’s nephew Isaac Newton Farris Stands with Trump? (smh)


Isaac Newton Farris allows himself to be a Trump Pawn!

On the weekend where Americans will be celebrating the hard work and service of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and following the day when Trump (45)  made it clear that he has a disdain for people of color, Martin Luther King’s Jr. nephew, Isaac Newton Farris Jr. stood with 45 urging us to keep servicing our country.

In the wake of the alleged remarks made by Trump (45)  and more specifically the  defense of those remarks by lawmakers in the room, I am almost sure that Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta are turning over in their graves today and would not want ANY family member to stand with this man, nor pimp the fruits of their labor–their home, their church and even their graves as a vehicle to help support Trump’s racist platform.  How in the world would anyone in the King family think it right to stand with this man?  Especially since Mr. Farris allegedly was on Air Force One a few days ago when he signed the executive order and this ceremony occurred after the remarks were made.  You had time, Mr. Isaac Newton Farris Jr. to say, No!

In true fashion members of the King family, the children, Bernice, Martin, and Dexter are like crickets and have not spoken out one way or the other, so are we to assume that Mr. Isaac Newton Farris Jr. is the unofficial spokesperson for the King family, I sure pray not, but if somebody in that family don’t come out and say something that is exactly what I am going to think and I am almost certain the rest of the community will feel the same way.

It’s been several hours since Mr. Isaac Newton Farris Jr. appearance and remarks and we have yet to hear from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s immediate family members (smh).  I asked myself this question:  “What would Martin and Corretta do today?”  Would they go to the White House and stand for the ceremony and shake 45 hands and issue safe statements?”  My other self-answers this way:

“No, Martin Luther King Jr. would respectfully decline the invitation and rescind the acknowledgment and offer of using his landmarks as sacraments for a National Park and Corretta would be by his side then quickly begin helping to organize a march, boycott of some sort of stand-in.”

“They would not mince words with Trump nor the press and they would roll up their sleeves and create calls to action to make the lawmakers do what is right for all persons seeking to live the American dream.”

I normally ask that you  pray for the King family but now I am saying ENOUGH!  Family if you really want to live up to your parent’s legacy, then get off the fence and do what you know they would do and to Trump–If you don’t want us in this country use your billions to buy and give us our 40 acres and a mule then maybe we will sell them back to you and move to Norway!!!

Here is a recap of  today’s fiasco:

Washington (CNN) Isaac Newton Farris Jr., Martin Luther King Jr.’s nephew, told CNN on Friday that while he does not think Head of state Donald Trump is a “racist in the traditional feeling,” he does assume the President is “racially oblivious as well as racially uninformed.”

The comments come a day after Trump, in an Oval Workplace conference concerning migration, described a series of nations as “shithole countries” and also wondered about why the United States was not welcoming even more individuals from Norway in contrast to Haiti, El Salvador as well as African nations.
Farris Jr. took part in a White House occasion honoring his uncle on Friday and also told CNN that Trump resolved the concern while in the Oval Workplace with Vice President Mike Pence and also Real Estate and also Urban Advancement Secretary Ben Carson before the event.
Trump indications MLK Jr. announcement in the middle of cries of racism
Trump signs MLK Jr. pronouncement amid sobs of bigotry
” I don’t assume the Head of state Trump is a racist in the conventional sense as we know in this nation,” Farris Jr. claimed. “I assume Head of state Trump is racially ignorant and also racially uninformed. But I do not believe he is a racist in the typical sense.”
Farris Jr. stated that the comments were “an additional example of him (Trump) talking without understanding the facts.”
He later included, “I assumed he misspoke, and, as I stated, I believe Head of state Trump is not a racist, but I do think he is racially uninformed.”
Trump rejects making ” shithole nations ‘ remark
Trump denies making ‘shithole countries’ comment
Trump, inning accordance with Farris Jr., addressed the conflict throughout their quick meeting in the Oval Workplace. He claimed that Trump and also Carson, the single African-American participant of the Closet, were speaking about the fallout from Thursday’s vulgar remarks when Trump resorted to him and also stated, “I am not the person that the media is making me bent on be.”
A source acquainted with the conference told CNN that Carson was consulting with Trump about how to handle the dispute when the Head of state resorted to Farris Jr. and also provided his description. A Carson representative really did not reply to a request for remark.
Trump did not openly attend to the dispute throughout the event and also neglected repetitive concerns about it from reporters in the room.
When asked how his uncle would certainly have replied to Trump’s comments on Thursday, Farris Jr. stated that he would have urged Trump “not to describe African nations like that.”

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