In Touch: T.I. & Tiny vs. Cliff and Claire

"Rapper TI Family Photo"

It appears that In Touch magazine may have struck  either a nerve or gold  with T.I. & Tiny vs. Cliff and Claire

In Touch  exclusive photo shoot and interview with America’s hip hop family of  today definitely associates T.I. & Tiny with Americas beloved Cosby show family characters of Cliff and Claire and that has caused some buzz about the blogosphere Well after all,  Cliff and Claire were law-abiding, well-educated politically correct individuals and let’s just be real, T.I. and Tiny are the exact opposite, so what is the common denominator here?

Lord knows T.I. & Tiny have had his problems in the past, but anyone who watches this show cannot deny that T.I. & Tiny are good and loving  parents to their children and I concur  with most of the blogosphere  chatter that  their show reflects  today’s version of the Cosby Show hip-hop style.

Now I agree, T.I. and Tiny don’t have the pedigrees that Cliff and Claire had, T.I.  is definitely not a doctor and Tiny for sure is not a lawyer but T.I. and Tiny do have the advantage of having  Street pedigrees, and as my

Mama use to say,  “Ain’t  nothing like common sense and knowing what the real world is like Chile.”

The common denominator is that both families parental characters reflect  using their life experiences to pour  into their children.

Here is an excerpt of their interview with In Touch:

Clifford “T.I.” Harris — known mainly for his hard-core rap songs and a recent stint in prison for a parole violation after a previous incarceration on gun charges — has traded street life for the sweet life!
The family man poses at an exclusive photo shoot for In Touch — on newsstands now — re-creating the iconic Cosby Show portrait with his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and their blended brood of six children.

With their new VH1 reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, many have compared them to the famous TV family. “It’s flattering, though I like to think of us as a unique piece of our society! The Huxtables are more conservative, older and from a different environment. But we share unity, strength and prominence.”

T.I. says it was his family whose support got him through his 10 months behind bars.

“I went to see him every week and the kids talked to him all the time,” “Tiny” tells In Touch.