In A Hair Rut? Try These Tips For A Hair-spiration That Won’t Break The Bank (Or Require A Haircut)

Try These Tips For A Hair-spiration That Won’t Break The Bank

When you scroll through your Instagram feed do you feel like your pics from today look the same as last year, and the year before that? If so, you my dear are in a hair rut. The blessing and curse of a signature look is that after a while you get tired of seeing yourself in the exact same hairstyle all of the time (believe me I know). If you’re in the same boat, here are four tips to not only help you shake your hair blues, but also keep you from doing something you’ll regret:

1.Don’t get the ‘I’m Sick Of My Hair‘ haircut. You’re not as sick of it as you think, and you’re not as sick of it as you will be the day after this haircut. Sleep on it, and if a couple days pass and you really feel like you are ready to make a change, go for it.

Mixed race woman getting hair cut

Source: JGI/Jamie Grill / Getty

2.Throw on a cute hat. Sometimes just not having to look at it for a day or two makes all the difference. My go-to faves are a military style baseball cap or a turban.

A cute hat is a simple way to refresh your look with no major hair changes.

3.Get a new wig. This is for my wig wearing ladies. I’ve fallen out of love with every wig I own and it is time for me to replenish my styles. Just like you have to clean out your closet, do the same with your wig stash.

This cute burgundy bob is a perfect addition to your wig rotation.

4. Treat yourself. Whether it’s a day at the spa or even with the hot salon in town that you’ve been dying to try. Having someone else pamper your tresses may make you realize that what you have isn’t so bad after all.

I refuse to have a hair-tastrophe, so I’ll be taking all of these tips to heart as I head into the Fall. What do you ladies do when you’re feeling blah and want to switch it up?