How to Find a Church

African Americans interested in finding a church often undergo major obsticals in determining what would be a good fit for them and their families. While many persons join the church for right reason, Christian witness and service, many for the wrong reasons including: networking opportunities, social status, dating service, political advantages and cause your Moma told you so.
Whatever the case may be, finding the right church can be a daunting task in the 21st century as there a so many more options by which one can get a “Word” today including:
1. Brick and Mortar versus Internet Church
2. Traditional versus Contemporary
3. Affirming versus Non Affirming
4. Denominational versus Non Denominational
5. Television
6. On “Demand and please don’t forget,
7. Your Mama’s CD’s or DVD’s she has stockpiled at her home

While I will be the first to say that if you are looking for a perfect church, you are not going to find it. While I am sure that we will all agree, Jesus is the head of churches, but, human beings run the day to day operations and being human makes us prone to failure and often times sin. Thus, one should never start the journey of finding a church with the expectation that the church will be without flaws. Understanding and accepting this reality will help keep you open minded as you begin this journey.

In this article, I offer a few basic Do’s and Don’ts that will help those that are seeking a (as we say in the baptist church) church home, with their journey:

1. If the church you are visiting has more than one worship service, do visit all the services before walking down the aisle.
Many Baptist Churches have designed their worship services to fit particular personality types: For instance, 8:00 service is usually geared towards a more conservative reserved audience and 11:00 is for the more contemporary.

Now if you are visiting a Mega Church take a bag lunch honey cause you will be there for 3 or more services, and, if the pastor has churches all across town, you might want to rent a jet, cause you are going to need one just to keep up with him as he/tries to get to all the church’s franchises.

Do note that Mega Churches usually reserve their last service for what we call the “Worshipers”. Now if you are not into doing the Double Dutch Praise (see video below) you might want to not go to the final service of a mega church. Sometimes the pastor will preach and sometimes he may just let the worship experience take over. (Many times, he/she is just so dag on tired that they just can’t get another shout out so one often hears,”The Spirit is in this place, come on holly spirit have your way!) The Saints don’t mind cause they are the worshipping crowd, while they love the pastor they love the worship experience and music even more. So, if you are a more reserved person, stay away from the last worship service of the day cause you might just get this:

All I have to say about that is “pray for all God’s children yall,” lets move on down this list.

2. Don’t join a Baptist Church on a Special Day:
Special Days are always when the best or guest choir sings, the pastor brings a fresh sermon and the ushers are on their best behavior. Always visit the same chruch the next week to get the real deal! Special Days in the baptist church are the ones that your Moma use to make you go to when you were a child, Christmas, Easter, New Years’ and the big one of them all, Mothers Day. Now if you are an adult and happen to go to church with your Moma on Mothers day and you don’t have a church home, when the pastor opens the door to the church and your Moma gives you that look, do break the rule and go ahead and join, cause you only got one Moma and you don’t want to dissapoint her on Mothers Day!

3. Check the Ushers attitude:
Chances are that if the ushers are mean and rude then the spirits in the church are mean and rude as well. If you are not greeted in a hospitable manner, visit, give an offering and move on.

4. Do Set an appointment to meet with the Pastor:
Pastors are very busy people and chances are they are not going to have the time to meet with you personally, however, you should at least receive a telephone call from his office advising you of the person you should meet with to discuss membership into the church. If you don’t get a return call, this should be indicative of how you might expect to be serviced.
And Finally,

5. As you visit these great houses of worship, do leave an offering and please don’t pass the offering plate by!