The Church Lady’s Take on: How much church congregations are paying for their Mega Church Pastor to fly Private?

"The Church Lady Private Jets

I get many questions about Mega Churches and their need to own their planes after all, the mega church pastor need not waste time by flying on a commercial aircraft, after all, look how many souls would be lost because of the time it would take the pastor/bishop (these days) to reach them using a commercial airline!

Well I decided to do some research to get an idea of how many Pastors actually own Private Jets and I must say I wasn’t quite surprised to see who was on the list: ( last updated, October, 2011)

Agape Church: Cessna 500 (N700VC)

Creflo Dollar/World Changers Church: Learjet 25B (N65A)

Dave Roever/Roever Evangelistic Assocation: Learjet 25D (N43DR)

Eagle Mountain Int’l Church (Kenneth Copeland): Cessna 500 N501KG; Cessna 550 (N888H)S; Cessna 750 (N1962J)

Fred Price/Crenshaw Christian Center: Grumman G-1159 (N132FP)

From the Heart Church Ministries: Gulfstream G-1159A (N357PR)

Greg Powe Ministries: Rockwell NA-265-60 (N141SL)

Jerry Savelle Ministries: Cessna 500 (N715JS)

Jesse Duplantis Ministries: Dassault Falcon 50 (N770JD)

John Hagee Ministries: Cessna 650 (N800GM)

Joyce Meyer Ministries: Canadair CL-600 (N7JM)

Kenneth Hagin Jr./Rhema Bible Church: Canadair CL-600-2B16 (N91KH)

Leroy Thompson Sr./Word of Life Christian Center: Cessna 650 (N818DE)

Mark Cowart/Church for All Nations: Learjet 24D (N929MC)

Michael Freeman/Spirit of Faith Christian Center: Grumman G-1159 (N685SF)

Moore Life Ministries: Cessna 421C (N74KP); Cessna 560 (N61KM)

Nahum Rosario/Maranatha World Revival: Cessna 550 (N741T)

Paula White/Without Walls Int’l Church: Grumman G-1159 (N374PS)

Tony Brazelton/Victory Christian Ministries: Rockwell NA-265-60 (N1GM)

Word of Faith Christian Center: Learjet 24D (N711PC); Hawker HS-125-700A (N225BJ)

Word of God Fellowship: Cessna 550 (N717DT)

The Cost to fuel the Plane averages anywhere from $4,000 to $25,000 depending on the destination and the airport by which the pilot fuels the plane.

Ok, let’s say your church doesn’t own a jet, or the pastors on the list above realize how tough the economy is and decided to downsize. Well that would be very noble of them but what I found is that many congregations  pay for their pastor to fly on a Chartered flight, well this is the general price tag the congregation is paying for that one flight:

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  1. Light executive private jet cost: $2000-$4000/hour, usually requires a 3-hour minimum. Examples of light executive jets are the Citation Bravo and the Hawker 400XP.
  2. Medium executive private jet cost: $3000-$5000/hour. Examples of medium executive style jets are the Citation III and the Hawker 700.
  3. Heavy executive private jet cost: $4000-$9000/hour. Examples of heavy executive jets are the Gulfstream V and the Falcon 900.
  4. Airliner private jet cost: $6000/hour and up! A Boeing 757 would be in this category.And here this video gives you an idea of what they get for that large price tag:Now here is the general price tag to fly your pastor round trip first class on a commercial airline:

    "First Class airline seats"

    You do the math!

    Oh, by the way, how did Jesus reach the multitudes?

See for yourself how many of the people on the list above are living large:

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