How Families Can Strengthen their Relationship with God

"Family Praying"
"Family Praying"

A Guest Post by:
Ashley Timson
How Families Can Strengthen Their Relationship with God
People generally grow up with religion as part of their lives. They receive sacraments, have a bar mitzvah and attend religious services with their parents. As they enter into the late teens and early 20s years, many of them find that they pull away from these traditions a bit. They often consider themselves spiritual but not religious. However, when they start to have their own families, they realize the importance of connecting to God and want their own families to experience that intense bond.Attend Services 
One of the best ways to feel a part of a religious communities is to go to a church, temple, mosque or other house of worship on a regular basis. Although people can connect with God anywhere, houses or worship provide a formal setting in which to do so. People recite the prayers of their forefathers and learn the meanings of the written word.

Pray Together

People can directly connect with God through prayer, so make sure your family prays together every day. You might recite “Grace” before dinner, or you might ask everyone to say what they are thankful for each day. You could also say nighttime prayers with your children. In any case, teach your family that both formal and informal prayers are important. God wants to hear what people have to say, and He is always willing to listen.Studying Holy Texts
Generally, monotheistic religions have holy texts to which they refer, and the Bible is one of them. Read passages from the texts together as a family, and then discuss what everyone thinks that they mean. If you’re concerned with the religious aspect of it, have a guide on hand that tells you what your religion interprets the passage to mean. However, if you’re more concerned with a spiritual aspect, take on the approach that different passages can have different meaning to people. You could also follow a more middle ground path in which you discuss both individual meanings and formal meanings and how they have some important similarities.

Practices with Meaning

Make sure that the religious and spiritual practices that you follow have meaning for your family. For example, let’s take the Catholic practice of giving something up for Lent. Explain that Catholics do that to show how much respect and love that they have for God and Jesus. They give something up because Jesus gave up his life for humanity. Remind them that what Jesus gave up benefited other people. Therefore, in order to truly have meaning from Lent, you might encourage your family members to give up something that helps others. For example, instead of buying coffee every morning, they could donate that money to a charity.There are so many ways in which people can connect with God, and since God is everywhere, they can connect everywhere. Help bring your family closer to God, and they will truly see His power come into being in their lives. You will likely notice a big difference in your family too.

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