Honk for Jesus- Is it about Bishop Eddie Long?

Honk for Jesus, a megachurch Satire film recently released, is it about Bishop Eddie Long?

Honk for Jesus is about a charismatic Atlanta pastor, Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs, played by Sterling Brown, who is caught up in a sex scandal and left with his devoted wife,  Trinitie, played by Regina Hall, chronicling the efforts of Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs and First Lady Trinitie as they allow a film crew to document them as they strive to rebuild their once 25,000-member congregation.

The movie brings many similarities to the Eddie Long Scandal that happened a few years ago in Atlanta, not mentioning any names, of course, but surely stepping into that territory where young men allegedly claimed he sexually abused them, the Pastor doing TV interviews trying to reclaim his position and also taps into the struggle of the First Lady as she tries to stand by her man and keep her status as did First Lady Vanessa.

Very well meant to be satirical, most African Americans who were in the theater when I saw it were not impressed; I found the storyline to be shallow and the end to be very disappointing for that reason, I give Honk for Jesus  a mere 3 stars.