Homosexuality and God’s Best for our Lives


Tye Tribett has a sit down with Jamie Foster of Sister2Sister  magazine to give his take on Homosexulatity, God’s will and God’s best for our lives, check it out:

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Jamie: I think we keep ourselves so contained within this box, and especially religion does. Plus, with homosexuality, quite frankly, I just think it’s a natural thing for them, because I don’t think anybody, especially in the past, would want to come here and be condemned. Nobody wants that. People want to be naturally accepted. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Tye: Yeah, I definitely understand. Well, I want to respond to that: There are lots of things that are natural to us that may not be God’s best for us. That’s my only thing. I’m not saying that homosexuality is not natural. I agree with you that it is. There are several things that come naturally that’s not God’s best. Children 2 years old, “Did you eat that cookie?” “No.” Lying came naturally to them.

Jamie: Right.

Tye: Nobody taught that kid how to lie. It came in the flesh package, but that’s not God’s best. There are certain things that can trigger the not-so-great natural in all of us. But is it God’s will or God’s best for us, period? And I don’t condemn homosexuality, but I don’t believe it’s God’s best for our lifestyle, according to the Bible.


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