Florida Woman Blames The Wind For Cocaine Found In Her Purse

Florida Woman Blames The Wind For Cocaine Found In Her Purse

During her many years in politics, Hillary Clinton has found herself both supportive and at odds with the Black community.

In Chicago, this week, she was supportive. The former first lady and presidential candidate attended the Ida B. Wells Legacy Luncheon on Thursday to receive an award and help raise funds for a political action committee that champions Black female candidates, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

She praised Black women for their loyalty to the Democratic Party, calling them “essential to democracy.”

The Democratic Party has applauded Black women voters for getting Doug Jones into the U.S. Senate in an Alabama special election in December. But Black women voters increasingly want more than a thank you from party leaders.

Many Blacks still feel betrayed by the latest insult. In February, it was revealed that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee had been failing to support Black candidate ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. The DCCC had to be shamed into action.

That situation underscored the systemic obstacles that first-time candidates—especially Black candidates—face: gaining name recognition and raising funds. A stamp of approval from DCCC makes a huge difference.

Clinton’s history has included a lot of apologies to Black voters including for her  infamous “super predator” remark. Back in the 1990s, when she was first lady, Clinton backed President Bill Clinton’s support of crime legislation that resulted in the mass incarceration of young Black men, whom she referred to as super predators.

In another instance, she apologized to Black people during her 2008 Democratic presidential nomination run against President Barack Obama. Clinton suggested that she was not quitting the race because of the possibility that someone would assassinate Obama on the campaign trail.

Interestingly, Democratic nominee for Illinois governor, J.B. Pritzker, a sponsor of the award event was on his own apology tour in February for racist comments he made.