Helen Baylor: The Music Industry including Gospel is Demonic

"Helen Baylor"

Helen Baylor recently gave a very transparent testimony regarding her struggles with drug addiction and the demons associated with the music industry including the Gospel Music Industry.

It takes great courage to stand up and step out on faith. Please watch her testimony and keep her and others working in the music industry in your prayers.

Helen Baylor: The Music Industry including Gospel is Demonic


By: Efrem Graham|CBN News

LAS VEGAS — Along with gold records and number one songs, the secular music world can be synonymous with addiction.

R&B superstar Chaka Khan even called the industry “demonic” following the tragic death of her friend and fellow music icon, Whitney Houston.

“This machine around us, this so called music industry is such a demonic thing,” Khan told CNN’s Piers Morgan shortly after Houston’s death. “It sacrifices people’s lives.”

Gospel music legend Helen Baylor once sang backup for Chaka Khan. Baylor recently spoke with CBN News for an extended interview in Las Vegas at Xartis Studios, a new facility that shows young people how to use music to cope with mental and emotional challenges.

“When [Chaka] said that, I sat there in my bed and just said, somebody gets it,” Baylor said. “Somebody else gets it … there is a demonic component in the industry, fueled by greed, money.”

“People have no regard for anybody else, except for the bottom line, the money,” she said.

Baylor’s Broken Road

Baylor took on the demons of the secular music world and drug addiction in the early days of her career as a secular music performer. She shared the intimate details of her troubles, trials, and triumphs in her memoir, No Greater Love: The Helen Baylor Story.

Baylor is also at work with producers to turn that memoir into a feature film.

“My life has been something from the beginning,” Baylor said. “I don’t complain. I am not angry.”

Helen Baylor talks more about her testimony of deliverance from prescription drug addiction.