Gospel Music News Update: Jordan Loreal daughter of Creflo Dollar Releases New Song

Gospel Music News Update this week is all eyes on Jordan Loreal daughter of Creflo Dollar

Chest out like only a Proud Father can do, Creflo Dollar is supporting and proud as a peacock over the success of his oldest dauther, Jordan Lorel new release of  her song “I Don’t Deserve it”

The pair recently recorded a series of videos where they revealed the birth of the idea and song.  Creflo Dollar notes in one of the segments:

“I am not here just because my daughter wrote the song, this is something, it still blows my mind every single time i listen to it, the same thing happens.  I swell up with tears and I am just like this is so ministering to me, and so we decided, why not let it bless the Body of Christ.

Check out the videos and song below:






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