Gospel Artist James Fortune: Being Sued for Burning and Disfiguring Step Son (video)

"James and Cheryl Fortune"
"James and Cheryl Fortune"


What is going on with the Gospel World???  It is being reported today that Contemporary Gospel Music Artist,  James Fortune, is being sued fo 5 million dolllars by his step son’s biological father for reportedly abusing his step son in an act of discipline.  Allegedly, James was attempting to discipline the child after he was acting up in school, but,  the boy was placed in scolding water  and was permenantly disfigured. James  Fortune plead guilty to the act in 2001 and was giving 6 years adjudication.

If  awarded the 5 million dollars, the father plans to use the money toward obtaining plastic surgery for his son who by the way he has full custody over.

By Damali Keith, Fox.Com Reporter – bio | email

A popular gospel singer is accused of doing horrible things to his 4-year-old stepson.  Now he’s being taken to court.

According to a civil lawsuit, gospel music singer James Fortune burned his stepson leaving the boy disfigured with severe burns over nearly 50% of the child’s body.  Fortune, who is from and still lives in the Houston area, is named in the lawsuit with his wife Cheryl Fortune.
According to the suit filed against the couple, James picked up Cheryl’s 4-year old son from pre-school and the teacher said the boy “misbehaved by coloring on a table”.  The documents claim the gospel singer “scolded the toddler” on the way home, put him in time out at home, “continued to yell and berate the child” then started “preparing a scalding bath” for the 4-year old boy.
The lawsuit goes on to say “James instructed (the child) to remove his clothes and began to whip the naked toddler with a switch”.  Then the suit accuses James Fortune of “pushing the toddler in the scalding water and holding him down causing second and third degree burns to 47% of his body”.  The little boy was flown by “life flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital. The doctors determined the injuries were too extensive and the boy was flown by life flight to Shriners Burn Hospital in Galveston where he remained for 63 days” according to the lawsuit.
The boy has had “numerous skin graft operations to both hands, legs, buttocks and genitals and is permanently disfigured”.  Child Protective Services was called and charges were filed.  That all happened in 2001.  In 2003 James Fortune pled guilty to felony Injury To a Child and received 6-years deferred adjudication.

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