Four Ways to Become Closer to God in Tough Times

"Woman praying on Knees"
"Woman praying on Knees"

Four Ways to become closer to God in tough times

A Guest Post by:   Khloe Cramer 

Ways To Become Closer To God

A belief in God can help strengthen and enrich a person’s life. If  life seems sad and confusing to you, having a good relationship with God can help get you through the tough times. While you may believe in God, simply saying you have this belief does not imply that you have a close relationship with Him. If you believe in God but you want to form a closer bond with Him, here are some things you must do.1. Attend Church
The first step in building a closer relationship with God is by going to church every Sunday. Each Sunday is a chance for you to praise Him and thank Him for his help and guidance in your life and you should take full advantage of this chance. By doing so, you will begin to have a closer relationship with God.2. Do Good
If you truly want to develop a closer, more fulfilling relationship with God, you must live a life doing good and making the right decisions. If you simply live your life as you believe God would want you to live it, you will be growing closer to a meaningful relationship with Him. Whether you donate time to a charitable cause or you just do something nice for someone, you will be building a closer relationship with God.

3. Read The Bible

The Bible is full of all the knowledge God wants you to have so you should spend time reading it. Spend time each day reading the scriptures so that you can learn the knowledge needed to build a closer relationship with God. If you do not want to read the Bible alone, why not join a Bible study group? At Bible study groups, believers in God meet together to share in the joy of His holy word. Always remember though, do not just read the Bible. Truly understand the messages it is attempting to send you and you will form a stronger bond with God.4. The 10 Commandments
If you truly want to feel the joy of having a close relationship with God, you will need to live by the rules of the 10 Commandments. The 10 Commandments are not just suggestions, but they are rules you must abide by if you want to get closer to God. Not only will you feel happy when you follow the 10 Commandments, but you will be building a strong bond with God that will give your life complete joy and fulfillment.Although you may believe in God, it does not necessarily mean you have a good relationship with Him. If you are not living in a way that will help bring God closer to you, your life may feel incomplete and without purpose. If you want to give your life more meaning by building a strong relationship with God, be sure to go to church, follow the 10 Commandments, read and understand the Bible and do good for others. Only after incorporating these factors into your life can you begin to grow closer to God.

Khloe Cramer writes about faith, personal finance & the importance of employment verification.


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