Ginger White Sister Confirms Ginger’s Relationship with Herman Cain (Video)

gingerwhite herman cain image

One of the persons  confirming that she knew of the relationship between Ginger White and Herman Cain is her sister, Bridgett Radford. An African American  resident of Hopkinsville, KY. Ms. Radford stands behind her sister and acknowledges that she was aware of the relationship for years, though she would not reveal the depth of their conversations, she does acknowledge they have had several past discussions of the relationship between Herman Cain and her sister, Ginger White over the years.

While I in now way condone the behavior of Ginger White, I do believe that she did in fact have an affair with Herman Cain. I pray now that she will seek redemption for her sins and grow stronger in her relationship with God.
I would also like to say that there are plenty of Ginger White’s sitting in our churches. So let us not, as Christians, throw stones after all we are all living in glass houses, chile!

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