Gabby Douglas Thankful (video)

The Gabby Douglas Story

Gabby Douglas told CBN News’s Charlene Israel that she is still getting used to her new found fame.

“When you’re out shopping at a grocery store, you see yourself on the Essence magazine in the grocery store or wherever, what goes through your mind when you see Gabby Douglas on the cover of a magazine?” Israel asked.
“I just stop and just stare for like five minutes,” she said. “I’m, like, wow, this is very cool. I just like take pictures of it… I do take pictures of it. It’s just very cool.”
Douglas described what it was like to stand on the Olympic podium and receive her medals while hearing the Star Spangled Banner.
“It was kind of like a concert. I mean there were flashes everywhere, the flag was raising, when I bent down to get my medal, I just thought about all the hard work, all the sacrifices was definitely worth it and I was thinking thank you God,” she said. “Thank you for bringing me to this moment.”


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