Funeral Repast or Celebration of Life?

You know every now and then you come across a person with an amazing idea that turns into a very prosperous business venture.  I had been hearing  the buzz about these so-called ” Celebrations of Life”  that people all over the country were starting to have and I thought what is that?  I later learned that  it is definitely not your typical repast held after the funeral service.  I also found the brainchild behind this new trend, Ms. Phoebe Wallace Echols, an event planner and caterer for more than 10 years and founder/ CEO of

Peace Celebrations 

Basically, Phoebe, helps families and friends gather information to remember the good times, and tell their loved ones life’s story. Her  goal is to plan fitting Celebration of Life Tributes that reflect the lives they  lived. Family and friends will have lasting impressions for years to come.

What I found intriguing about this organization is that they  provide unique celebrations not just your typical Baptist Repast immediately following the funeral service or internment.

They plan events centered around the person’s life and include things like  memory galleries, videos, music, catered meals, sport outings, beach visits and more.

Now don’t get them mistaken with a mortuary y’all, they DO NOT HANDLE FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS, they plan celebrations.

I immediately thought of my trifling family members who always telling me  “I don’t want no funeral, put me in a pine box or cremate me, now I think that’s silly and selfish, but hey to each his own, cause that was  exactly what I was going to do with them, but then I thought about the people they will leave behind, how will they experience closure.   Peaceful Celebrations will help me bring closure for my auntie when my cousin pookie is too trifling to get his stuff in order.  (lol)

Now y’all can go to  Peace Celebrations to get all scoop on what they have to offer but here  are some highlights:

  • Celebration of Life Tributes honor the deceased.
  • A Celebration of Life Tribute reflects on the life lived. It focuses on the loved one and his or her contributions that were made to family and friends.
  • The Celebration gives friends and family the opportunity to express love and affection, share stories, and reminisce about good times.
  • Celebration of Life Tributes are generally positive and uplifting. The family creates the tone.
  • Many families still have short traditional funerals and immediately after or weeks after they choose to have a Celebration of Life Tribute.
  • Some choose to celebrate their loved one’s life every year.

Congratulations Phoebe, I pray God continues to bless your ministry.