Freddie Gray Death: What Really Happend (videos)

For weeks after watching the first amature video showing how the police were holding up Freddie Ray, I  could no help but notice how the officers appeared to have to hold him up.

Then we watched the video where the police chief said the officers absolutely did not do any harm to Freddie Gray outside of the Van.

Then there was chat about him being hurt inside the van allegedly at that time, anoter passenger heard him hitting his head agaist the van. (chile pleeze)

Then low and behold the charges are made and guess what, the driver of the van is charged the worst, the driver, really.

When you look at the real videos that are surfacing one can clearly see that Freddie Gray was injured (BEFORE) he was placed in that van and it looks like the did not place a seatbelt on him because he would not have been able to sit up!


The People of Baltimore are telling speaking for Freddie Gray telling what really happened and ousting Baltimore leaders and the plight of the community:

Ok now let’s talk about the police being charged, My take is that they all need to be punished for killing that young man, because, clearly they all played a part that could have at least help save his life yet, they did nothing.. What I don’t agree with is that the driver received the harshest charge. Why, because he was the driver and failed to stop at least 5 times, well the other officers could have just as well demanded the driver go to the hospital or phone their command center.

Further, the videos we are seeing clearly shows injury occurred before the van driver even arrived to the arrest site! What is most perplexing to me is that the longest serving and most senior officer, Brian Rice, was on a bike patrol and was the person who initially made eye contact with Freddie Gray. As we learned from the previous video, residents in that area are harrassed by the police every day just for sitting on their stoops (steps) and we really don’t know, maybe Freddie Gray and Lt. Rice have a history, clearly, Freddie was not angel, hence, if Freddie had some unfinished business with Lt. Rice, that does not give Rice and his fellow officers Garrett Miller and Edward Nero who later joined the pursuit.

So why is it then that the driver gets the harsher sentence, when it appears to me that Rice, Garrett and Miller injured him before he got in the van. Could it be that all of the officers were following the instructions of the most senior offcer who, by the way, according to Associated Press:

Records obtained from a sheriff’s department and court show he (Brian Rice) was hospitalized in April 2012 following concerns about his mental health. Worries about his stability led deputies to confiscate both his official and personal guns, and his commanding officer was called. It was not immediately clear whether or when all of Rice’s guns were returned.

I am not sure why the driver of the van is not talking. Police offers I know are saying its a police code thing, but chile, I pray that he speaks up now! My take on the charges is if the driver is going to be charged with murder, than all should be charged with murder.

In closing my take on Freddie Gray death is that based on the vidoes and better insight into the mindset of Lt. Rice, we now have a better picture of what really happened to Freddie Gray!

I will continue to pray for the Gray Family, the citizens of Baltimore and the police officers especially for the driver of the police van.