Rev. Frank E. Ray Church Sex Scandal



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Y’all may recall that Frank Ray, was just involved in a messy church sex scandal a few years ago   with his estranged wife including allegedly trying to run her over with his car.  Well here we go again, chile, this time, however the good pastor is claiming the woman making the accusations is crazy and filed a restraining order on her earlier this month.

here is the skinny from my colleague’s Thaddeus Matthews facebook bage

“As I reported on yesterday Pastor Frank E. Ray filed a seal request for a order of protection against 45 year old Trenece Beal and her two daughters Lakesha Beal 28, and 17year old Erica Beal. In his complaint Ray alleges that Trenece Beal who has been a member of New Salem Baptist Church where he pastors for 12 years and that she had been claiming for 11 years that God told her that he was her husband.

Ray alleges that Trenece purchased a wedding dress and brought it to church. He also
Alleges that she sent many text messages to his cell telling him what God had to say. In May of this year he alleges that Trence told him to get that “punk ” out of there bed. Ray also alleges in his complaint that Beal told school officials that he is the father of her children. But my question was if this was a simple case of a member stalking him why was he doing to great length to hide that he was trying to get a TRO to keep this woman and her children away from the church by bypassing the normal process and going to Chancery Court and requesting that it be sealed. But I think I now know the reason.

On May 11, 2014 Trence Beal who sources say that Ray has had an affair with for a number of years filed a police report stating that the good pastor had raped both of her daughters.

According to the police report Trenece Beal alleges that both of her daughters were forcibly raped by Ray. Erica Beal stated in April of this year that she told her mother that Ray raped her twice in 2013. The first incident happened in September inside of a room at the church. Erica states that Ray came into the room and started to rub her between her legs, and when she told him to stop he refused. She goes on to state that Ray pushed her forcibly onto a sofa and pulled down his pants, he then lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties and penetrated her vagina with his penis for 3-4 minutes without a condom. After he finish he put on his clothes and left the room.

Erica alleges that the second rape happened in November inside the church’s Sunday school room. She states that she had left the room but returned because she had left her bible. When she entered the room she states that she was confronted by Ray who lead her to a back room and pushed her down, she states that again he pulled down his pants and lifted her skirt and again penetrated her for 3-4 minutes again with no condom.

Erica Beal told her mother about both incident in April of this year. Trenece Beal advised police that once she found out her youngest daughter had been raped she suspected that her oldest had been raped as well. Trenece advised that her daughter Lakesha had to have been raped because of her mental condition, Lakesha suffers from Downs Syndrome. Trenece claims that Lakesha was most likely raped 5 years ago which explains how she got pregnant and has a son named Daniel.

Trenece states that she confronted Frank Ray at the church in April and accused him of raping both her daughters and being the father of Lakesha’s son Daniel. Trenece states that Frank Ray ADMITTED to raping both daughters and to being the father of 5 year old Daniel Beal. She goes on to say that Ray begged her not to tell anyone.

Trence Beal says that she called the Child’s Advocate Center and the Dept of Human Services and after there slow response she contacted police.”

Frank-E. Ray-church-sex-scanda

The question is why Ray has not been arrested in this matter. I’m sure the female members of the church will be upset that I have exposed their pastor but so be it. Ray had no intention of this ever getting out and was trying to convince the courts that Trenece Beal is crazy. He never thought I would find out about the sealed court documents which would make me look for this report but God has his way of exposing false prophets.”

Great work Thaddeus, y’all make sure you like his page to stay updated on this and other church drama related stories.

Update 6/21/2014

Rev. Frank E. Ray files a restraining order against Thaddeus Matthews and Thaddeus strikes back with a strong graphic message to Rev. Frank E. Ray

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