Pastor Floyd Flake could be in trouble with IRS


Please pray for Pastor Floyd Flake it appears IRS is on his back for failing to report income.  Pastors get competent people on your team to manage your business both church and personal.

Sidebar:  I wonder if Preachers of LA has caised  IRS to step up its game and start checking into all  mega churches now, your thoughts?

As reported by NY Post

Queens pastor declares no church income in tax filings

Did the Rev. Floyd Flake take a vow of poverty, or is he hiding his income?

The head of the Greater Allen Cathedral, one of the nation’s largest churches, reported earning nothing from the Queens house of worship on a recent tax filing.

It was the second year that tax filings from Flake’s nonprofit Empowerment Ministries disclosed no salary for him from the Jamaica church, where he is senior pastor.

His wife, Elaine, co-pastor of the church and vice president of the nonprofit, also showed no church income on the 2012 and 2011 filings.

But in 2010, the church paid Flake $252,719 in salary and benefits and his wife’s compensation came to $250,455, according to Empowerment Ministries’ tax filings for that year.

Flake, a former congressman, is president of Empowerment Ministries.

He signed the 2012 tax return for the group. Elaine did so for 2011.

He and Elaine were each paid $5,000 for their work at the charity in 2012.

Even though it is linked to a church, Empowerment Ministries is obligated to report the Flakes’ salaries, tax experts say.

Michael Chitwood, the group’s accountant, said he was waiting to see the church’s delayed 2012 financial statements and would amend the group’s return if necessary.

Other tax filings show Flake still gets a hefty paycheck from Greater Allen. Through related nonprofits, The Post found that Flake raked in at least $376,000  in 2012  including $221,958 from the church and $150,000 from the Allen AME Housing Corp. As a former congressman, Flake is also entitled to collect his pension of at least $24,000 a year.


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