Ferguson Riots, No Justice, No Peace

A demonstrator throws back a tear gas container after tactical officers worked to break up a group of bystanders on Chambers Road and West Florissant in St Louis early on Wednesday morning.

My take on Ferguson Riots and Mike Brown’s death is this: No Justice, No Peace!

The residents of Ferguson and St. Louis, MO  appear to me  be sick and tired of being sick and tired. When you conduct a little research on that area you will find   that St. Louis and surrounding counties have been dealing with racism on so many levels for a long time.  While it is sad that residents had to turn to violence and looting to bring NATIONAL attention to this tragedy, mainstream  media did not and would not have responded in the manner that are now had it not been for  some residents looting and committing small acts of violence.

Black people (especially men) have been victims of police brutality in St. Louis for many years and the media appears to have looked the other way on this “way of life.”    Yet, it is only when some of us  start acting a fool (trust me I do not condone these folks behavior but they did play a large role in getting us the exposure we needed to once again bring awareness and corrective actions to these   tragic deaths)

Unfortunately, the day Mike Brown died his body laid in the street for hours, where was the national media to help the family and people of Ferguson demand Justice or at least reveal the name of the officer on DAY 1 ?

The next day, according to the New Yorker, there was a press conference when the police chief could not even give a straight answer as to how many times Mike Brown had been shot, this started further breakdown in trust, where was main stream media then?

Again another missed opportunity they could have helped leaders offset some of the violence that would later erupt that night.  While social media, especially twitter,  was letting the world know what was happening, main stream media was watching the story making small mentions, but in essence waiting to see if the story as they call it, going to  bleed!


So when does the much needed mass media attention arrive? Only after the once  thought powerful and untouchable  police force of Ferguson realized the had awakened some sleeping giants and began operating in a panic mode–get the dogs, tear gas and any and every damn thing else to keep them at bay, cause they are getting out of control-were are in a crisis-Hell call in the National Guard) That mainstream media realized then and only then,  this is a HOT Story get someone out there immediately, was Mike Brown being killed in a similar manner as Trayvon Martin  not hot enough?

Mike Brown, like Trayvon, are heroes and they are reminders that we have not overcome.  Unfortunately 50 years after the Civil Rights Acts bills were signed, we are still in the same boat as Martin and Malcolm.

There will be those that call for non violence and  those that still believe, “By Any Means Necessary!”

Ferguson riots

Which one are you?

Now I can’t stop my ranting with just my displeasure with mainstream media and their constant refusal to cover stories of this magnitude daily,   I have also got to critique our leadership as well, Where were you hours after Mike Brown got shot, excluding Rev. Al Sharpton who released a statement and dispatched his staff within hours of the incident.

Where   you when Rev. Al and  Rev. Jamal Bryant were standing alone on Tuesday?

st. louis riots-al-sharpton-jamal-bryant

But , now that the media is covering Ferguson, just like Trayvon, you will all come out of the woodwork, with your fancy clothes and big words making your rounds on all the talk shows advising what is wrong with the system.

Do a little research CLB family on YouTube and watch the number of leaders who spoke out about Trayvon then look  up the work that they have done to help this issue since Trayvon’s death,  It will be heartbreaking.

I just pray that leaders actually roll up our sleeves this time and do some work and not just appear on the talk show circuit “talking the talk.”

Take off your fancy clothes, put on your white tee shirts and jeans, make a difference this time, if you want to follow Martin’s footsteps do what Martin did, he walked the walk, he lived, worked and engaged the people he was trying to help,

Don’t just organize a rally for a day, get on the street and out of in front of the camera!

if an 88-year-old woman can get out of her sick-bed to participate in a non violent rally, than I know I better get up from here and do something, and you should too!


Eighty-eight-year-old Creola McCalister joins other demonstrators protesting the killing of teenager Michael Brown outside Greater St. Marks Family Church in Ferguson on Monday. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Eighty-eight-year-old Creola McCalister joins other demonstrators protesting the killing of teenager Michael Brown outside Greater St. Marks Family Church in Ferguson on Monday. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images