Fantasia Co-hosts The View: I am not depressed I am blessed!


Fantasia co-hosted The View along with Whoopi Goldbert, Jenny McArthy, Sherri Sheperd and Babara Walters.

Babra Walters wasted no time trying to get the scoop on the state of Fantasia mental health only to have Fantasia set the record straight for viewers letting them know that she is not depressed but blessed and the old Fantasia was gone.

A few minutes into the show, Sherri Sheperd brought up the subject of women cheating with married men and Fantasia having had some experience in that subject matter after her much publicized alleged affair back in 2011 had this message for women who may encounter that situation:

while co-hosting ABC’s The View– alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McArthy, Sherri
Shepherd and Barbara Walters– the topic of women cheating with married men came up.
She mentioned that the old Fantasia is gone and warned women to Run if they come across a married man. “Run run fast as you can, can’t catch me cause I am the Ginger Bread Man.”

Raising three children now including her niece, Fantasia basically wanted the world to know that the old Fantasia is gone and she is mentally stable.

I am glad to hear that because she is such a talented woman, let’s keep Fantasia and her family in prayer CLB Family.