Eva Marcille On How Missy Elliott Responded To Gay Relationship Rumors

Eva Marcille On How Missy Elliott Responded To Gay Relationship Rumors

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Eva Marcille revealed to Us Weekly how Missy Elliott reacted when old rumors that the two women were once a couple were brought up on the show.

When asked if she warned Missy about the story resurfacing on the reality show, Eva responded, “No, I didn’t because, I mean, because Missy is so non-confrontational, she’s not that girl.”

However, the “America’s Next Top Model” winner did reach out after the rumors were brought up again on What Watch Happens Live.

“But I did talk to her after Watch What Happens Live and she, first she sends me the emoji of the hand on the head,” she explained.

In case you missed it, scroll up to watch the moment Shamea Morton confronted Eva about her rumored relationship with Missy.

“It was hilarious. And I was like I know, so petty. And she’s like, ‘You know what girl, you held your own. I appreciate it, you know what I mean, the way you held me down,” she continued. “I was like, ‘Look, I’m not gonna create a space for you to have to defend yourself against this girl … You’re not on the show. It’s not fair to you,’ which is kind of why I was really pissed off.”

She added, “Like, why would you do this to my friend? But furthermore, like I said, my irritation really is the fact that there’s like this negative connotation or idea around homosexuality. That is to me the more frustrating thing. Like, what is the issue?”

Eva, who made her first appearance on ‘RHOA’ back in January, also opened up to Us about if she thought any of the ladies would come for her during the reunion taping.

“I hope not. It wouldn’t be in their best interest … We’re all just getting to know each other, let’s keep it cute, put it on mute.”

Meanwhile, Eva, who is expecting her second child with fiancé Michael Sterling, says about Kim and Kenya: “You know what, I’m not really friends with either of them. And because I’m pregnant I can’t have a cocktail yet so I would wait to, like, really interact with them when I can have a cocktail.”



(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

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