Erica Bratton McCullough

Erica Bratton-McCullough

RIP: Erica Bratton McCullough

I am sad to report Gospel songbird, Minister Erica Bratton McCullough, a member of Donald Lawrence and Tri-City Singers passed.

Erica Bratton McCullough voice could be heard in the motion picture soundtrack “Boycott” and “The Associate” she is also known for “When the Saints Go to Worship”

In addition to being a part of Donald Lawerence and the Tri Singers, Erica Bratton McCullough served as music director for the Greater Paradise Christian Center in Baltimore, Maryland, she i s originally from Gastonia, NC.


Erica McCullough funeral arrangements are set to be held in Gastonia and a celebration ericabmharrangements-600x740


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