Eric Garner: Once again, No Justice No Peace


Eric Garner Death and the justice system refusal to bring his case to trial is one more confirmation that a Black Man receives NO Justice in the United States of America

The tragic death of Eric Garner who died of a heart attack after being placed in a choke-hold by Staten Island police officers on July 17, 2014 reminds us once again of unnecessary police brutality being targeted to African American Men.

Allegedly, Eric Garner was initially approached by police officer Justin Damico. A fellow officer, Daniel Pantaleo, put Garner on the ground by the use of force after Eric Garner begged the police officers to leave him alone and stating 11 times that he could not breathe. Pantaleo using his arms around the much taller Garner’s head, applying a headlock or chokehold as shown in the video above that went viral on the internet A few minutes Eric Garner died, he was not resisting arrest, he was trying to survive.

As a result of Garner’s death, four EMTs and paramedics who responded to Garner’s death were suspended without pay on July 21, 2014, and officers Justin Damico and Daniel Pantaleo were placed on desk duty, the latter stripped of his service gun and badge. Initially the NYPD Union leader Patrick Lynch challenged the claim that a chokehold was used. however medical examiners begged to differ.

On August 1, 2014, city medical examiners concluded that Garner was killed by neck compression from the chokehold along with “the compression of his chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police”. Asthma, heart disease and obesity were contributing factors, however, they ruled the death a homicide. asthma.[9]

Today December 3, 2014, a grand jury decided not to indict Daniel Pantaleo, the officer involved in Garner’s death and once again the American public is outraged.
In a statement released by his union, Pantaleo said: “I became a police officer to help people and to protect those who can’t protect themselves.”
“It is never my intention to harm anyone and I feel very bad about the death of Mr. Garner,” he added.
“My family and I include him and his family in our prayers and I hope that they will accept my personal condolences for their loss.”

Check out the unseen video footage of the incident:

Just two days after providing an updated report on the Michael Brown Case, Atty. General Eric Holder announced later that day that a full Federal Investigation regarding the death of Eric Garner will be conducted. Holder said the department will conduct an “independent, thorough, fair and expeditious investigation. He noted that many have seen the video of the incident, and that, “all lives must be valued, all lives.”

He said the federal investigation would review all aspects of the case. “We must seek to heal the breakdown in trust that we have seen. “

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eric garner-mother-al-sharpton

Rev. Al Sharpton, Eric Garner mother and his wife held a press conference this afternoon calling for a national March on Washington scheduled for December 13, 2014.

“We have no choice, but to keep on fighting because it could be your child next,” Sharpton said. “We will continue? We must continue. All of our protests, we will not have violence, or inflict pain on others. Eric Garner was not doing anything violent, Michael Brown did not do anything violent.”

Eric Garner wife, Esaw, made it very clear at the press conference,
“This fight ain’t over, it’s just begun. I’m determined to get justice for my husband. He should be here celebrating Christmas with his children and his grandchildren. As long as I have a breath in my body, I will fight,” said Esaw Garner.

The family asking to protest but do so in peace!

Chile I am sad, mad and everything in between, I cannot believe this has happened AGAIN!