Eddie Long Update: Vanessa Long Speaks about Scandal and Divorce (video)

"Vanessa Long"

Vanessa Long, wife of Bishop Eddie Long and an Elder at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, recently used the recent divorce and church scandal involving Eddie Long as her testimony at a recent Heart to Heart Women’s conference held at the mega church in August 2012.

Mrs. Long, who remained silent up to this point  but took the opportunity at the conference to use her test as her testimony, telling  attendees that  as much as she loved her husband, her family and her church family, she was in the middle of a storm and got off the ship.

She further stated that while she was struggling with the decision to divorce her husband,


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“I realized that the best thing I could do was to let you see me as a woman, just like you. A woman capable of making good decisions and a woman capable of making bad decisions,”

“Instead of condemning myself, I can use what happened as an opportunity to minister myself to someone else going through a storm,”




I applaude Mrs. Long for using her test as a testimony for other women, as women struggle every day with their marriages and are forced to wear a mask.  Mrs. Long could have continued to remain silent, but her faith in God has allowed her to heal and now be a blessing to women experiencing storms of one nature or another. I also applaude her for having the courage and being open to discuss difficult issues such as this that are happening, not only in New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, but churches around the world.

I recently reported to you that New Birth Missionary Baptist Church appears to be healing from sexual misconduct allegations and this is another example of how GOD in GOD’s time will make ALL things come together for Good.

God bless you Elder Long, Bishop Eddie Long and the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Family. I pray that the Lord will continue to heal your families.

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