Eddie Long Update: Accusers attorney BJ Bernstein Quits the case

Eddie Long Update: BJ Bernstein Quits the Case!


ATLANTA – Lawyers for three men who sued Bishop Long have told their clients they are stepping down.

Their concern in this latest Eddie Long Update is a potential conflict of interest since Bishop Long’s attorneys have now filed a demand to recover damages in the case.


For a year now, BJ Bernstein has steered one of the highest profile, most controversial lawsuits in Georgia: the sexual misconduct lawsuits against Bishop Eddie Long.

Now, Bernstein and her co-counsel Jay Sadd have informed their clients they have a potential conflict of interest and are withdrawing from the case.

The events that lead to the withdrawal began in August in Miami and on the Internet.

According to sources familiar with the case, Bishop Long’s attorneys notified the American Arbitration Association that they were seeking to recover “not less than $900,000,” an “injunction” and a finding of “contempt of court” against Jamal Paris, Spencer LaGrande, and Centino Kemp for violating their settlement agreement with Bishop Long.

FOX 5  talked to Jamal Paris and Spencer LaGrande   back in August about Paris’ recent plea to drug charges in Miami, in which he got probation, and their plans for the future.

“From this point on, no matter what happens, left or right, it’s going to be the right way. God walks with me,” said LaGrande.

But, they never discussed Bishop Long or the secret settlement.

The I-Team was also the  first to tell you about a fifth young man,   Centino Kemp, who never joined the lawsuit but took part in the settlement with Bishop Long.

But our sources say Bishop Long’s attorneys are now demanding arbitration. The reason: they contend the three young men intentionally violated their settlement agreement in other media interviews and on Twitter.

Long’s attorneys argued that Jamal Parris and Spencer LaGrande violated their agreement when they did an interview discussing the case with the Atlanta Journal Constitution and WSB-TV interviews that re-appeared on CNN.

Long’s attorneys say Centino Kemp violated his agreement on Twitter. Lawyers argue that back in August Kemp tweeted “I got (f++++) by the Devil Himself” and then wrote in a separate tweet “I was literally your hooker” and then wrote in a separate tweet @BishopEddieLong, “why that’s all i want to no”

Long’s attorneys argue that they can recover “$300,000 per violation” and that there is “no cap” on the amount of damages they can recoup.

According to our sources, attorneys for the young men wrote to their clients that the allegations of violating their agreement put future payments at risk. The lawyers stated they now have “a potential conflict of interest” because they could be possible “witnesses in the arbitration.”