Eddie Long and Jamal Bryant Speaks about Newbirth Appointment

Eddie Long and Jamal Bryant both open up about Newbirth appointment and its truly a bitter-sweet situation going on here!

Poor Eddie Long, he has once again been ousted  at the opportunity to replace Bishop Eddie Long at his beloved Newbirth Baptist Church, first it was Bishop Davis, now it’s Jamal Bryant!

Eddie Long mentioned in during his last Sunday in the Newbirth Pulpit that  when his father died, having spent so much time in ministry and preaching around the world, Long said many expected that he would be the one to fill the role left vacant by his father.

Eddie Long opened up to the congregation revealing how he gave up so much trying to please God:

” I said, ‘not now.’ It was approximately 10 years ago in 2008. And I walked away from a syndicated radio show. I walked away from a few deals that were on the table concerning music. I walked away in faith, trusting God that if I turn away from this. You got me. You got me,” he said.  Yet, in the nearly two years since the death of Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Stonecrest, Georgia, the late megachurch preacher’s eldest child, Edward Long, has quietly dealt with the pain of being repeatedly overlooked as his father’s successor.

Church leaders announced late last month that Jamal Bryant former AME Pastor of Empowerment Temple was chosen from a pool of 138 candidates to lead New Birth.

“I didn’t choose Jamal Bryant but a choice was made, so I’m not gon na speak against him. … I’m not gon na talk trash about him. I’m gon na love on him and pray for him. Some things have happened concerning him, I’m just gon na forgive him and love on him. I’m gon na do what Jesus commissioned me to do. And I’m gon na let the world watch me do it as a living sermon, as a living epistle of how to walk through some tough times and how to handle some tough things because people are watching,” Long said.

Now, despite his disappointment with being overlooked for his father’s old job again, however, and past disagreements with Bryant, Long told the congregation that he will pray for him anyhow. (spoken like a true Christian, Chile)!

“This was the toughest Sunday of my life to stand before you because I’m not standing here to appease anybody, I’m standing here pushing you to always put your trust and faith in God always. As I’m working toward my breakthrough, grab hold. We can’t get breakthroughs if we can’t lose in truth, because we worship God in spirit and in truth,” he added.

Long then suggested that God might call him to preach beyond New Birth.

“I got a revelation a few days ago. Every disappointment, you got to understand what it is. It’s a dis-appointment … is actually an appointment. It simply takes something off the table that lets you know, I actually got something greater for you and better for you, so I disappointed you to appoint you. See I was upset, I’m just being honest, I was upset because of a certain position or appointed place. But then the Lord spoke to me and he said, ‘Son, the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. So I can use you here while I send you out there to nations. Don’t just be trippin’ because you didn’t get called to Stonecrest,” he said.


Thomas W. Dortch Jr., an Atlanta businessman and chairman of New Birth’s board, suggested in an earlier report that part of the reason Bryant was chosen for the job was because he had a plan to get the church out of debt.

Here is what Jamal Bryant had to say about his new appointment:


And here is a clip of Bryant’s father and ex wife Gizzelle (yea that’s right Lady Gizzelle from Real Housewives of Atlanta was at Newbirth to bid her ex goodbye:

New Birth’s board had asked applicants to come up with solutions to reduce the church’s $31 million debt.

Bryant’s appointment begins months after Bishop Stephen A. Davis, who took over leadership of New Birth shortly after Bishop Long’s death, resigned from the church in June.


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