Eddie Long Health- I’m Fine


Eddie Long Health is fine according to the Bishop, and he is proud to be finally able to wear Italian Cut Suits!

Health Update 9/6/2016


Recently Pastor Eddie Long posted a Facebook video on his page letting everybody know that he has given up his fast food “weakness” — restaurant chain Popeye’s “biscuits with the honey and the chicken wangs, spicy.”

As soon as he posted the video, the street church committee started doing their thing by circulating all kinds of crazy rumors, mainly that he was sick.

Then raw vegan experts chimed in confirming that you do in fact usually lose weight because of a raw vegan diet.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that according to Nina Curtis and executive chef at the Ranch at Live Oak, Malibu California, and a graduate of Living Light Culinary Institute because the body is cleansing and detoxing.

Curtis adds, “If you increase the amount of raw food in your diet, pounds seem to ‘melt’ off you.”

Curtis practiced a raw vegan, diet for three years and explained just how it works.

“When talking about raw vegans, there are different degrees,” she says. “I can be talking to another raw vegan and we can be eating very differently.”

Raw chef Quinnie Cook-Richardson has been a vegan for 26 years and instructs classes in eating raw or making healthier food decisions. She told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that eating a plant-based diet has “totally improved” her health.

Dr. William Richardson, who is married to Quinnie Cook-Richardson, approves of Bishop Long’s change to a vegan diet.

Richardson says Long “looks more fit and better in my eyes as a physician having been in the field for years. He is exercising, which is important. I think it was a good move for him personally.”

Bishop Long noted that he is no longer eating from a slave menu, and he is now medication free. He says if you really want to move through this world by maximizing your influence you have to be spiritual and healthy.

I pray that Bishop Long is in good health and wish him success on the vegan diet, Chile I guess I will never have much influence cause I could never leave the chicken wang spicy alone.