eChurch Comes to the Rescue!


The Church has Left the Building, Chile, what is a Pastor to do Now? Well, it looks like  eChurch is coming to the Rescue!

I received this in an email and thought it might be helpful to all of my loyal pastors who follow me, please know that I am praying for you and if you are a member and your Church needs help having Church on Sunday pass this onto whoever is in charge chile, cause Church got to on!

Guest Post by Glenda Boone

In 2018 I authored a book entitled, The Church is Leaving the Building: How to Integrate eChurch Members into Your Congregation attempting to sound the alarm that Church as we know it was changing,  little did I realize at the time of its publication that book would become a blueprint that Pastors would need today to transform their churches from brick and mortar to online in an eChurch community setting.  This transition is tough, but now impossible, hence,  in addition to reading The Church is Leaving the Building: How to integrate eChurch Members into Your Congregations, which is definitely a must-read if you are totally unfamiliar with how to move forward, I offer the following tips to help Pastors navigate during this challenging time:

1. DO NOT put your staff and volunteers in a state of panic, during this Stay-at-Home time required by many countries, mandate that your team creates and disseminate to crucial volunteer ministry leaders a day to day crisis operation plan focused on the New eChurch day to day operations including:
2. Telephone Communications:
If your Church telephone system has capabilities to forward calls to an outside number, ask each staff member to forward their office phones to their cell phone numbers before they leave each night. This strategy ensures that members and vendors can still maintain daily contact with the Church, and the staff can conduct church business from home, again, if the area by which the Church is located becomes quarantined. Note- Make sure to advise your team that you are only requesting access to their cell phones during their regular work hours while operating within the crisis plan model.3. Church Staff Meetings:
Stay in touch with your team by hosting daily or staff meetings using virtual conference call platforms. Two of my favorite- are Free Conference Call and Zoom. If you have a large staff, you may want to incorporate in your emergency plan that teams conduct team video conference calls daily.4. Ministry Meetings & Bible Study
Again, I would suggest your ministry teams take advantage of Video Conference platforms and continue to meet at the originally scheduled times throughout the week.5. Mail and Delivery
You can always ask the USPS to hold your mail at your local station if your area becomes quarantined as you don’t want to have possible sensitive information left at the Church’s front door or stuffed in the mailbox.

6. Realize this is a new normal for a while and plan to operate virtually as you would if you were in the physical space.

What does NOT have to be an option is engaging discussions about closing the church doors as there are platforms and software available today to ensure that the Church door is always open either, be it physical or virtual.

Glenda Boone

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