Dr. Myles Munroe Family and spirtual daughter’s heartfelt message


Bishop Myles and Lady Ruth Munroe lovely daughter Charisa is in fact alive along with her brother Myles Munroe Jr.  click here to view the video of their family statement and learn about Myles Munroe, Ruth Munroe and other victims funeral arrangements


Heartfelt messages are being sent via social media from across the world below notes e  two very heart felt messages posted by one of their spirtual daughters Ty,  on social media since the passing of her beloved parents.

myles-munroe-daughter On Facebook Ty Writes:
“It is with the greatest depth of pain that I write this post with the passing of my beloved parents, my Papa and Mom, Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe. With indescribable sorrow, I have cried for the last few hours, in the floor in my closet both crying and with hands lifted at the same time in worship. My papa is the greatest servant leader I have ever met and has spent his entire life preaching and teaching the Kingdom of God, alongside my mom who has held his hand even at the time of their passing. He has impacted millions of lives worldwide with the truth of God’s message to nations, I say to every person who have supported my papa’s ministry, purchased his books, sown into his ministry, or have uttered a prayer for him and my mom, I say thank you. For every call, post and messages you’ve sent me this evening it has remarkably blessed and nourished my grieving heart. I solicit your continued prayers for our family and the entire Bahamas Faith Ministry and also Nassau, Bahamas as many in this great country will be greatlyly impacted by the passing of my parents.
Mom and Papa…… I love and adore you and eternally indebted to the Lord that He would honor me with you to be my parents. Your presence has incredibly impacted and changed my life and has made me become who I am in Christ, it is because your living example of a sacrificial and unwavering commitment to the Kingdom of God that I have become the same and would hope to do a fraction of what you have done for the Church at large. With my aching heart tonight I say to you with unwavering commitment, I promise to go to the grave empty, pouring out all the Lord has entrusted me to, so that I will hear that same great voice that you heard tonight, ‘Well done my good and faithful Servants, Enter in.”
I love you, your proud daughter
and later on Instagram:

My mom, Ruth Ann Munroe, was the epitome of grace. She was truly my queen. She was the essence of everything that God defined as a wife and mother. She stood alongside my dad, as the love of his life, sharing faithfully in ministry with him, raising their children and graciously serving him as her king.  With tears of remembering our moments together, driving in the car to take her shopping, she would share with me her wisdom and Biblical secrets to raising Charis and Chario. I tell you, when she walked in a room, her quiet grace was audible, you knew a queen had entered the room. I remember one evening as she and I sat on the couch, I asked her what was her favorite thing. With the most beautiful and giddy smile, she replied, ‘playing footsie with your dad, it will never grow old.’ Happily Married to my papa more than 3 decades, it is the only man she’s ever loved and known.  My papa came home, just as we were sitting on the couch, and he came and closely nestled right behind her and embraced her, held her in his arms and said, ‘Your mom is the essence of grace. Do you know we never argue, ever. Why? Because she is my beloved and given to me as a treasure from the Lord.’ My parents gave me a living example of Christ love through their marriage and taught me the greatest lessons of love and marriage as Christ loved the Church.  It is with great honor that I tearfully say that my papa walked with my mom’s hand in his and led her right to the Lord today and presented her back to Him without spot or wrinkle. I pray that I will mirror their example of God’s love. I treasure and love you beyond measure, Mom and Papa and will forever hold you in my heart. In loving memory of Dr.Myles Munroe and Ruth Ann Munroe  Your daughter Ty @mylesmunroe

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May God bless Ty and all the family members who lost loved ones in the plane crash.

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