Donald Trump Black Church Visit Disaster


Donald Trump Black Church visit had him speaking to an all white Crowd about African American Concerns!

Donald Trump Black Church visit tour is pulling out all the tricks trying to obtain the African American Vote as he runs as the Republican presidential nominee.

He recently delivered a speech in Kenansville, North Carolina, where he declared “Our African-American Communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they’ve ever been in before, ever, ever, ever,”

Then he moved onto Ohio, along with Fox and Sean Hannity to host an African-American Concerns Town Hall at the New Spirit Revival Center. Now of course he had his paid endorsers front and center, Ben Carson and Don King, come on now chile, Boxing Promoter Don King, really!!!!!

I wonder what type of deal Donald Trump and Don King offered the Cleveland Heights black church pastor, Darrell Scott, who by the way allegedly is an ardent Trump Supporter.

While he may be an ardent Donald Trump supporter, he does not appear to have a great following from the looks of it and from the reports circling the web. Donald Trump was speaking to a predominantly white audience at a historically Black Church.

I am glad that the people of Cleveland Heights and the members of New Spirit Revival aren’t falling for the Okey-Doke!

Brandon English, a former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Digital Director pointed out on Twitter, Cleveland Heights is 42 percent black, so it couldn’t have been that difficult to find black audience members for a town hall on “African American Concerns.”