DOMA Response: Bishop Paul Morton Thank You for Standing UP!

Doma-Paul-S. Morton

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DOMA: Paul Morton sent Pastors a strong message-

I applaud  Mega Church Pastor, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Senior Pastor of  Changing a Generation Church in Atlanta, GA for standing up and speaking out today regarding his stance on DOMA.

I, on the other hand am very discouraged by the number of non responses from our so- called African American Spiritual Leaders.  Sure they will come out for Travon Martin and others, but funny how scarce their  comments are on the subject of DOMA and Same-Sex Marriage.  (SMH)

Mega Church Pastors, or any pastor for that matter,  whether you are for or against  same-sex-marriage and DOMA, Stand UP and Speak  to the issue, as it  is clearly becoming the new normal of the world  that  does not appear to be something the church can sweep under the carpet this time.

We as Christians need help with dealing with this issue as it is quickly becoming  a part of our every day life that we must learn to adapt too and quite frankly I  just don’t know how, point, blank, period!

I ain’t gonna lie   (ebonics) I have to scratch my head sometime when  watching TV to make sure something ain’t wrong with me for saying to myself, ”  two men calling each other husbands and living as husband and wife,  is just not right in Gods Eyes,  then the very next moment I am thinking,  or is it?

Now before yall go getting all mad at me and sending me E-mails saying I am a hater of gays, I am not and you need to know know that I have said in many posts that I have written  on this subject  matter, that  I believe that I am a heterosexual in the closet when it comes to supporting homesexuals publicly.

I love my gay family members and friends and want them to have health care and the same benefits  that me and my family enjoy that is a civil right that all should be entitled to,  but I am not at all for same-sex-marriage and the marketing machines flooding the air-waves with messaging  making one question their normal.

I am depending on somebody spiritually, to help me figure all this out.    My problem,  I can’t get no preacher to STAND UP – and start preaching to it.  So, thank you Bishop Morton for bringing this much needed discussion to the forefront.

For those  pastors/preachers who continue to   choose to say nothing,  in my eyesight, you leave me to believe that you will follow anything as long  “YOU” don’t lose your popularity or massive congregations.

Jesus did not worry about himself and how others would view him, preachers.   Jesus was mandated to speak, teach and preach the word of God, no matter what the consequence. Are Ye of Little Faith???

Here is Bishop Morton’s response regarding DOMA received from his Twitter Feed:

“kingdom marriage is God’s Way Of Doing Things true majority wins but America can still choose God”s Way if we stop being afraid 2 preach it” — Bishop Paul Morton (@BishopPMorton) June 26, 2013

“Marriage quality for all? Could include Polygamy 2 wives 2 husbands Bi-sexual man wants to marry man N woman common law marriage . No morals” — Bishop Paul Morton (@BishopPMorton) June 26, 2013

“SCOTUS passing DOMA we are in spiritual warfare. . In the 37 states that have not approved SSM we must fight for kingdom marriages” — Bishop Paul Morton (@BishopPMorton) June 26, 2013

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