Denzel Washington Says He’s “Passing The Baton” To Michael B. Jordan

Denzel Washington Says He’s “Passing The Baton” To Michael B


Denzel Washington Says He’s “Passing The Baton” To Michael B. Jordan

Source: Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty

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“I’m passing the baton,” Denzel said in a conversation with Jordan for the NY Times.

“What a lot of people don’t know is: When you pass the baton, you keep running behind the other runner, you don’t just stop. I’m like, “Make the turn, bring it home!” I like helping people. I want to see them do well.”

Jordan mentioned that his stellar performance in Fruitvale Station garnered Washington comparisons.

“When someone says you’re like your idol,” Jordan explained,

“It’s like: ‘Really? You see that in me?’ I’d only done that one movie. But then I started using it as motivation,” he said. “I wanted to pop up on Denzel’s radar. He’s the O.G. If I could get recognition from him, I know I’m going down the right path, you know?”

“And here we are, Mike!” Washington interrupted, laughing. ” Looks like it’s working out already.”

With a leading role in Black Panther, a reprised role as the son of Apollo Creed in Rocky spinoff Creed, and Fahrenheit 451 all premiering on the big screen this year alone, Jordan definitely seems poised to run the next lap successfully.

You can check out the whole convo here.

SOURCE: New York Times



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