Denzel Washington Knows Who Cardi B Is (And He Has Proof!)

Denzel Washington Knows Who Cardi B Is (And He Has Proof!)

Denzel Washington Knows Who Cardi B Is (And He Has Proof!)

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She’s been co-signed by such unlikely folks as Jill Scott and Oprah! but who would have thought that even Denzel Washington is a fan?

Yup, it turns out that Denzel not only has heard of Cardi B, he even knows some of her music. When asked about her, Washington dropped a few lyrics.

Watch below:

Some people clowned Washington for the changes in his physical appearance for what turned out to be preparation for the movie Roman J. Israel, Esq., creating the infamous Uncle Denzel moniker and memes.

And Washington is known for showing up to some public events in a tracksuit and baseball cap. Because, you know that’s how OG’s do. But the now 63-year-old actor just let us all know he’s still in touch – but only when he wants to be.





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