Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta Share “The Bible Experience” (video)

"Denzel and Pauletta Washington"
"Denzel and Pauletta Washington"

Denzel Washington and lovely wife Pauletta share The Bible Experience with Tracy Smith

Denzel Washington and his wife, Pauletta share the Bible Experience with  CBS, Tracy Smith, explaining why they decided to get involved with the project ” one of the fastest-selling audio Bibles in the country.

Denzel and Pauletta narrated a book in the bible. The couple spoke of the great opportunity it gave them to share the Word with others and to be honest the bible is a hard read and this may be a little easier for people to understand it.

Denzel says he thinks the audio bible is for everyone and believes it makes it easier and more accessible for people.
when asked why do they think the bible is a best seller.

Denzel says that he believes that we are born with a something pulling us to something greater than ourselves and the Bible is the answer to what we are searching for.

Paulleta says that she believes you can find any answer you are searching in the bible: