Darius Cooks is boiling in His Own Hot Water

Food blogger sensation Darius Cooks appears to be getting ready to get thrown into the Firepit Chile!!!

While he never misses an opportunity to boast about his more than 1 million followers on Facebook, he has been relatively quiet about the mountain of alledged lawsuits being filed, complaints by fellow chefs in the game for stealing their recipes, and even allegedly assaulting a female who was trying to be paid for back wages.


Darius has been in the news regarding allegedly running shady business for over a year as noted in the video above.  This is just one more thing to his plate, you may want to think twice before paying for a dinner date with Darius, Chile!

But last week, major accusations from a popular fellow chef have gained steam and turned the tide of his fan support. Private chef and cookbook author Angela Davis, known as The Kitchenista, shared a lengthy post on her Instagram page last in June.

After being accused of manufacturing charges of misconduct against Williams, she detailed many of the accusations against him.

On June 24, Davis wrote that in addition to BBB complaints, Williams has “dozens of active lawsuits and liens.” She noted the chef has several allegations of unpaid wages from several employees of his three now-closed restaurants, Soul Crab Atlanta, Soul Crab Chicago and Greens and Gravy, also in Atlanta.

One commenter tweeted her support of Davis. Kiara Ross worked as a server at Williams’ Soul Crab restaurant in Atlanta. She ultimately filed a police report against him for assault after confronting him about her back pay.

According to Southern Grit magazine, Ross wrote, “I just wanted my money. This is two years ago. I don’t know Angela. I started going through the thread and I wanted to tell my story. I’ve been sitting on it for so long and it has to stop. I didn’t know how much it triggered me until now.” She has since set her Twitter account to private.

Source:  the GRIO