Pastor Darell Scott, Trump Supporter in Hot Water

Well Well well, now we may know why Pastor Darell Scott, the one who hosted Donald Trump last September at his church in Ohio is being sued for not paying his rent on a lease to purchase home that he allegedly claims the church is supposed to pay.

You think this may be a good reason for him to buddy up with the Trumpster. In addition to putting his church on blast, just last month during an event held at the White House, Rev. Darell Scott made a false claim that Chicago’s “top gang thugs” had contacted him in order to reach Trump. After being caught in his lie, Darell Scott claimed his misspoke on the subject and blamed the error on a lack of sleep.

Seems like everybody attached to Trump is excellent at one thing, stating Alternative Facts.

Scott’s former landlord Munna Argarwal said that he wants Scott to pay 563,000 in unpaid rent and fees, or more than $1.7 million to buy the home outright.

Argarwal said he entered into an unusual rent-to-own agreement with Darrell and Belinda Scott in 2010, out of desperation over the slow economy. But Argarwal said the couple, who lived in the home for six years, fell behind on their weekly payment plan.

He showed News 5 the handwritten agreement, which included an option to purchase the house.

Argarwal said a second, typed agreement was never signed, but he said the original handwritten document is legally binding.

“You can write an agreement on toilet paper,” he said, “So long as it’s signed.”

Last summer, Argarwal said the couple moved out after he threatened to evict them for failing to pay rent on time.

In text messages to Argarwal, Scott conceded his “numbers are way down” at the church daycare and that he’s driving a 9-year-old car, adding “I don’t live lavishly.”

But Argarwal said the expansive 14,000 square foot home, with sprawling walk-in closets, a 500-square-foot master bathroom and grand staircases is the definition of lavish.

“Of course it is,” he said.
Scott turned down multiple requests for an on-camera interview, but in a text message called the lawsuit, “fake.”

“Well, we’ll see. We’ll see. My attorney feels like this is 110% guaranteed,” Argarwal said. “If he’s calling it a fake deal or a fake lawsuit, he’s definitely a con artist.”