Church Sex Scandal : This time, Allegedly, Dale Lee McFarland



 Church Sex Scandal, Another one, Say it ain’t so! 

Today’s church scandal report is about Mega Church Pastor, Dale Lee McFarland, being sued by a couple who are claiming he  manipulated the wife  during counseling sessions, telling her to have sex with him, with “God’s approval,” and divorce her husband.

The couple,   Jody and Derek Gallagher are not only filing a lawsuit against  Dale Lee McFarland, but also his wife Sandra,  Radiant Church Assembly of God, and the Arizona District Council of the Assemblies of God, in Maricopa County Court. claiming the mega church pastor “breached his duty as a pastor and counselor with He began manipulating Jody Gallagher.

Court documents reveal Jody Gallagher claiming  she began counseling with McFarland after her daughter allegedly was victimized by a Prescott youth counselor and claims that mega church  pastor, Dale Lee McFarland,  “love bombed” her  with romantic declarations telling her of his love for her and God’s approval of him and Jody becoming sexually involved.”

Derek Gallagher, Jody’s husband,  claims he too sought counseling from McFarland, and told him “of his love for Jody and his children and his complete inability to understand why his family was falling apart and Jody drawing away from him.”

The Court Documents surrounding the lawsuit filed further revealed:    

After meeting with Derek, “McFarland told Jody that Derek was the most dangerous and violent man he had ever seen and that he was personally ‘scared to death’ of Derek during his counseling session,” the Gallaghers say. McFarland also told Jody “to change the locks on the house for the safety of herself and their children,” according to the complaint.

Jody says she followed McFarland’s counsel, “demanded that Derek stay away from their home and filed for speedy divorce although she had recently discovered that she was pregnant.”

The Gallaghers claim that McFarland “gradually increased the pornographic style of his communications and even persuaded Jody to send him nude pictures of herself and to exchange nude pictures of himself. He proposed clandestine meetings at motels, including one in Prescott near where Jody lived, and provided her cash for such purposes. He described in crude and rude terms his desire to have sexual relations with  her on his Harley and told of his visions of her private ‘wet’ body parts and ‘Ah-mazing’ other body features that he described in crude ways and intimate detail,” and would send her text messages from during worship services the complaint states. (smh)


Jody claims McFarland manipulated her “into having physical relations with him in the inner sanctum of the pastor’s chambers after he arranged for all staff to be absent” – the “very same place where McFarland provided Derek marriage counseling just days after having sexual relations with Derek’s wife Jody.”
Derek claims McFarland’s chicanery “placed Derek under enormous stress, which caused Derek to develop severe anxiety and chronic tension headaches in addition to exacerbating a latent neurological condition which his doctors tell him he will struggle with for the remainder of his life.”

The Gallaghers claim that Derek began to “call into question whose baby Jody was carrying, adding to the fact that the baby has Down syndrome and had other critical ailments during gestation.”
The Gallaghers claim that McFarland’s wife, Sandra, “knew about her husband’s adulterous behavior and his penchant for pursing vulnerable women congregants of his flock, married or unmarried and was complicit in his behavior by choosing to allow it to continue, knowing other women would be harmed and victimized.”  Hence, Sandra McFarland also is named as a defendant.

Ok, it may seem really difficult to believe that this is an actual case and not a scene in some reality show, but the sad matter of fact is that this common practice in churches and I am glad that more people are coming forward letting these false prophets know that the JIG is up!

McFarland’s congregation, Radiant Church in Surprise, Ariz., had even boasted of receiving the Church Health Award from Purpose Driven Ministries and had grown to be one of the largest Assemblies of God churches in the country.  Allegedly, Mcfarland was one of the purpose drive life rising stars and traveled the  world with Rick Warren.  Rick Warren is not named in this lawsuit.

How many more church sex scandals will have to take place for women to realize Pastors are human,  they are not God and therefore should   NOT have control of your temple or your mind! I posted an article last year about from a Man in New Orleans who gave his take on the subject Pastor’s Spiritual Concubines, it is definitely worth reading.

Click here to read court documents: AzPastor