The Urban Daily News Alert: Usher Wins Lawsuit with help of Tameka’s Best Friend

Usher Tameka and Chili
Usher Tameka and Chili
Photo courtesy: Black Media Soop

Well we all know by now that Usher won the lawsuit against his ex-wife Tameka Raymond and the primary custody of their two sons, Usher V and Naviyd.  While everyone is saying Usher paid to win, it is being reported that his attorney’s actually had an Ace in the hole that Tameka’s attorneys weren’t aware of, one of Tameka’s former  friends, Linda Brock White.

Allegedly, Linda walked into the courtroom and knocked the socks off Tameka and her attorney who had no idea what last-minute witness her ex-husband was going to call.  She explained that she knew Tameka for over 13 years and loved her sons as if they were her own and that in her opinion Tameka was not a was not a nice person at all and certainly not a good mother at all.

During her testimony she said the on many times Tameka would leave her children in the care of anyone even a 9-year old child that she was not loving or emotionally attached to her boys at all.  When Tameka’s attorney crossed her she tried her best to discredit Linda, but obviously she did not do a good job.

And if that’s not enough, word on the street by Black Media Scoop  is that Usher is kicking Tameka out of their once shared home, (Man Usher have some heart here she is the mother of your children), and Chili may be back in the picture. (Chile Pleeze!) I guess Usher is looking for someone to be a Baby Moma now that he has two boys to take care of full time.

Source: Black Media Scoop