Daily Church Scandal Report: A MI pastor murders his girlfrend’s daughter

"Church Scandal john Douglass White"
"Church Scandal john Douglass White"


Daily Church Scandal Report:  John Douglas White is a pastor at Christ Community Fellowship Church in Mt. Pleasant.  The pastor was dating Gay’s mother Sally. According to her, he was a good man and helped many people through his ministry.

According to Church Scandal Report , there seems to be a motive behind the pastor killing is girlfriend’s daughter:

Sally Gay says White talked a lot lately about how beautiful her daughter was and made dinner for Rebekah the night before her murder.  Police say that White admitted to sexually fantasizing about Gay over the past few weeks; now that attraction is considered a motive.

Sally says that after her daughter was reported missing on Wednesday, White called her and told her Sally was the love of his life and he’s sorry for what happened to Rebekah.  When Sally asked if he knew what happened to her, she says he replied,“It’ll get taken care of.”

It appears this is not the first time the good pastor has had a passion to kill. There’s been a look into his past and it revealed two other similar crimes in nature. Back in 1981, in West Michigan  he was charged with assault with intent to murder, and then in 1995 he pleaded “no contest” to manslaughter charges in another case.

Wow, I guess churches will now have to start doing criminal background checks on its pastors, then again, would we really fire them if we did find something criminal in their past?

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